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Too fun! I'll be happy to see you every day. Happy New Year, safe travel.


You're coming home already? Have a safe return trip. See you on the flip side! And Happy New Year.


Happy New Year! I think you guys are NUTS - but I'll be so happy to see you all every day.

Travel safe!


I remember a time when you were absent for so long I became concerned for your health and E-mailed to check on you. Now you are posting daily....I do believe you are up to the challenge - I see photos of you all over the country at various fiber related events!


Well, I was expecting this. What are friends like Norma for, if not to inspire/drag us all to heights or depths hitherto unknown? I'm not joining you all, but it'll be fun to watch. Keep an eye out for what changes this incessant writing maketh unto YOU!


Hurray! A daily dose of the blues in the best possible way. You gals are making me think crazy thoughts.


I don't think this is setting yourself up for failure. You are way too stubborn for failure.



Count me happy.


Happy New Year. That is something to look forward to in 2008.


Happy safe travels home today and tomorrow. Very much looking forward to your daily posts! I have absolutely no doubts that you'll get all 365 posts done in '08. *w00t*

Happy New Year!


A daily dose of Terry? What have we done to earn this?


What Claudia said. (and all the others, too)

Safe travels! Next will be our twin posts about Neti pots, perhaps? Hopefully with TASTEFUL photos? :P


I look forward to hearing from you every stinking day :) Have a great New Year and safe traveling.


Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to reading your daily posts!


I've noticed, and good for you! I look forward to reading all 366 that are coming. (Since, of course, it's a leap year....)


Can't wait for the continuing daily read.

Have a safe trip home and a Happy New Year!


Looking forward to it!

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