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Cheryl S.

The first time I had paperwhites in the house, I thought I smelled smoke. I finally figured out it was the flowers.


When I first grew paperwhites I was astonished that they smelled so bad - I always thought they were supposed to smell really good. I never planted them again. Also, I thought the snowglobe in yesterday's post was hysterical - sick sense of humor I guess.


Me too! For years, a certain friend always gives me Paperwhites as a holiday present. For the first several years, I thought someone had peed in the dining room. !!


Okay I'll be the dissenter here. Though hyacinths are nicer, I do like the smell of paperwhites. I have to stake them or they fall over. My Amaryliss has thrown up a tiny tip of a leaf- the watering has commenced.


I love those but the smell takes some getting used to.


Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday :-)


You're a sneaky one! Happy Birthday my friend.


Happy Birthday, my friend.

marie in florida

comming through by way of margene. i love paperwhites too; even the stink. my mom always forced them to bloom in little deep green glass vessels.




Hippo Birdy to EWE, grrlfriend! Make your family treat you well and drink all the tea and eat all the chocolate you want today. You deserve it!!


Happy Happy Birthday!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May your day be filled with much celebration and fun!


Happy Birthday! I'm glad you were born and have made it another turn around the sun :)

And I feel the same about paperwhites. Love them, love how easy they are to grow, love when they sort of fall over... but they just REEK with stinkiness!

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