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Happy New Year! (and Happy FEET!)


You toes do look happy in the sand. I'll bet they'll miss it!
Happy New Year, friend!


Come on, Theresa - don't you miss the beautiful, quiet, spiritual snowfall we are getting through Wednesday? Don't you long for your handknits layered upon layer on your body, cozy and warm? Just a little?

Happy New Year!


I thought I noticed a shot of your toes in Hawaii on Flickr- a different one though. My second toe is longer than my big toe and gets badly abused up by stubbing it or banging the end of my shoe at times. My hubbie actually caught the end of a desk many years ago with his big toe, ripped 3/4's of it off and had to have the nail sutured to his toe to protect the nail bed. That was pretty nasty. Happy New Year!


Mmm, those feet in the sand look mighty comfy, though.


Cute polish color.


Ooh, I remember painting my nail beds after my big toenails fell off... Funny how a pair of shoes is fine through 20 training runs and on race day it decides to pinch a toenail.

Feet are for using!


The toenail even made my toes curl. OUCH. Taping is a good thing. Keeps something in place at the sides of the nailbed so maybe there will be less chance of ingrown toenail (I think).

What is it with guys and toenails? My DH always has something to say about the color.


What lucky toes! I would love to have done all that they got to do!! Tell them to remember that pain builds character!

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