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Mmmm, chili. I haven't had any in a while, and now I'm craving it. Yes, the HD TV. My two sisters have it and I must say I have started to care about it recently. We even looked at them at Best Buy a few weeks ago when the kids were home for Thanksgiving. SO EXPENSIVE, at least the behemoths we were looking at. And then we got an estimate for the new boiler we feel we should get, and we know big bucks are coming up this spring for deferred maintenance we've been waiting for.... (redundant, deferred/waiting for...but you get my drift). And in order to have room for the flat-screen TV I/we would like we'll have to first sell the behemoth antique bookcase that came into the marriage with David.... I'm getting tired just thinking about it all. :)


Please don't let my husband read this post. He's been agitating (gently!) for an HDTV for a while now. I told him that we need me to finish school before we can even discuss...


Good thing I don't have to wait for snow, I love chili (turkey chili with beans is my fave!)


lol...that HDTV can be scary! Ours is potato soup on the first snow day, and the kids were off - but we had no snow! Just rain, rain, rain. I guess it was a little icy in the morning? Have no clue why the schools closed here. Oh we still had the soup though :)


we have 3 tvs. i had 2, he had 2, then one died. so unless the 3 tvs start blowing up, there will be no new HDTVs in our future. plus they wouldn't fit in my tv cabinet -- that i love and that i saved a lot of money to buy during my single days.


We bought a flat panel HDTV for our bedroom last year. We don't watch it much and I haven't even gotten around to getting the HD box from the cable company. I'd be scared of seeing myself on it, though!
Oh, and when I make chili I use one of those chili packet thingys in the Mexican part of the grocery store. Just opening packets and adding 'em to ground beef. Just like you.


The chili looks so good! I'm wondering if I can tell Smith it's time to give up TV if it's going to cost that much to buy one!


We have a TV in our bedroom and while it's great for knitting and watching while under the covers it isn't very fun when the husband wants to watch Monday Night Football and I just want to go to sleep...


I always pooh-poohed HD until I saw my parents new one - amazing amazing picture. I still can't bring myself to get one for us, but man its nice to watch those nature shows and sports in HD when we visit them.


Planet Earth is awesome in HD. As is the new Warren Miller ski movie. And the Celtics games.

Beth S.

We just got a new HD TV (which ROCKS!) but it's not in the bedroom. That was something we agreed on before we were married. But we couldn't fit a great big giant TV in there anyway, so it's kind of a moot point. ;-)


Less than two hours, that's for sure. Now you have me wanting HD...


It would be replaced in that same nanosecond.


We have a TV in our bedroom, the first color TV. It was a wedding gift from, uh, 23 years ago. I must admit, I'm starting to think I may need glasses as I've been catching myself squinting. Maybe a new item goes on the Christmas list. More fun than a visit to the optician.


Of course, I believe in July, 2009, there will no longer be any analog TV signals sent, so many old tv's will be useless. Might be time to get that HDTV!!

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