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1. How to sew a seam.
2. How to weave in ends.


3. How to graft??


1.How to make a non showing a bump hem.
2.How to make perfect button holes the first time.
3.How to easily line a knitted garment.


To Deb's 1 and 2 I would add How to block. Not necessarily in that order though.


Seaming! (shoulders included)
End weaving.
Getting the buttons/zipper in the right place.
Or maybe blocking - but you could probably breeze through that.

If I die first, Michael can hand out stockpiled sock yarn at my Memorial Service.


A finishing class for me should include: seaming, blocking, and different types of edges. In particular I'd like to know how to do a crochet edge.


1. Seaming
2. Buttonholes
3. Zippers

Especially (3).


Don't forget the part about making sure your knitting is as good as it can be before you try to finish. Things like making sure everything is the same size/number of rows. Different ways to seam and getting over the math hangup.
You can always floss in the morning. I do that on the days I'm too tired at night. ;-)


1. Things you can do during the knitting to make finishing easier.
2. How to seam (order of pieces to make things easier, using the same yarn or something finer...)
3. Blocking: before seaming or after and when to do which.

For my 21 day habit breaking I chose to stop drinking soda, again. I did it for a year and then went right back to guzzling the stuff. I am happy to say I've had none but I long for it.

The scarf is so pretty.


-Seaming (esp. set in sleeves!)

Missed your last post, never showed in my bloglines! I've told Dan if something were to happen to me to post to the blog a call out to all my knit/spin pal and get some help sorting the stash. I suppose I should put it in the will no?


1, Seaming.
2. Blocking.
3. Buttonholes.
4. (I know, you only wanted three. Tough - I'm a bit of a rebel today.) Picking up for buttonbands.
5. (Whee! Look at me, I'm really out of control!) How to get around to actually finishing something.

As for my 21-day push, well, I haven't exercised since Sunday. I'm a bad person.


Seaming both vertical seams (side seams) and shoulder seams (horizontal seams). And picking up buttonbands. Those would be the biggies.


Hmm, what audience? Someone who knows very little about finishing, or someone who knows how to put things together, and now wants to know how to do it better?

For the first person:
1) types of seaming, and when you might use each (e.g. mattress stitch, backstitch, 3 needle bind off, crochet seam...)
2) blocking
3) weaving in ends -- I could never find a good decription of how to do this

For the second person:
1) The relevant maths for button bands, etc.
2) buttonholes and how to make different kinds of them
3) pockets -- when, where, and how to do them.

Beth S.

1) Buttonholes. How to choose the right one for your project and execute it flawlessly.

2) Seaming options, same deal.

3) Maybe something complex, like how to alter sweaters... seaming and cutting away excess if the sweater is too wide, or shortening a too-long sweater by cutting off the bottom and picking up and knitting new ribbing. That sort of thing. Might be too much for the scope of the class, though.


When Cecily (16-yr-old youngest daughter) read my comment after yesterday's blog she responded, "Of course I'll understand [mom's stash]! Since I just bought yarn and I don't feel like knitting with it!" She's starting young!

Finishing class: 1)picking up stitches for the buttonhole band & collar; 2)buttonholes -- different kinds and how to make them; 3)easier ways to weave in ends???


Seaming (esp a set in sleeve), buttonholes, and picking up stitches.

Amy Boogie

Survey - weaving ends, grafting, several different ways of seaming - mattress, backstitch and crochet for starters.

As for the stash thing - I'm of the "screw 'em" camp. I've already told my friends who is in charge of stash distribution when I kick it. I figure it will at least be a great way for all my friends to remember me when I'm gone. They can have a stash party and have a good day of remembrance - way better than a stuffy old funeral.


1) Seaming reverse st st.
2) Picking up sts neatly.
3) Button bands, and why can't you just work the danged things right along with the sweater?

I could show Carole crocheted edges.

I almost always use duplicate st for weaving in ends if I can't hide them in the backs of cables, in between double-knit layers, in bobbles, or under a crocheted edge.


Seaming - everything possible to fit in a class, especially just the best ways for the different fabrics, garter, stockinette, reverse stockinette, etc.

Picking up stitches, the actual picking up and the math of how many for the situation plus how to make them look the best.

The thought process before actually starting the project so that when the end comes, you have the best possible edges to seam, etc.

I tend to just jump in and would benefit from thinking through edge stitches, etc. before I actually cast on.


Setting in sleeves. The importance of blocking, and when possible slipping the first stitch of a row.


Cover seaming garter/st st/reverse st st. And what everyone else said.

Tips about weaving in ends without beating it to death.


better looking seams, blocking and setting in zippers would all be things I would like to be more proficient at for sure :-)

Must be the time of year do declutter and destash. My house looks like it threw up as I am pulling everything out of their little hiding places and deciding how much I really need or do not need it :-)


-When to use different kinds of seams
-Oh, zippers...
-Picking up stitches without a gap


Seaming, picking up stitches, and I need to learn how to insert a zipper (for some reason, it has halted me in my steps - and I used to sew and make clothes - but it terrifies me). :)

As far as the stash, I've been thinking I need to leave it to people that I know will appreciate it. One guy at work mentioned that he has several bins of yarn from his wife (she died a year or so ago). I offered to help find somewhere to donate it or help him look through it.


Seaming, Grafting, Single and maybe double crochet for edges. I see picking up stitches, weaving in ends, and blocking are getting lots of votes too, but that's more than three.

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