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Love your new toy! Is yours the larger capacity one? I wonder if Santa is taking late requests? Hmmmmm.....


Totally cool gadget!

I wasn't so lucky today on the roads. Slid twice, and the first time made me a nervous wreck. Ended up on the wrong side of the road going downhill with oncoming traffic. Then was stuck at the X-tra mart for an hour because a huge 18 wheeler could not get up a hill. I should have been home before it all started (about 10am) and didn't make it home until after 1.

Sorry for the rambling, but I do feel better now :)


What a cool little pot -- never knew there was such a thing! I used to be so up on stuff like that.

I hope you can stay safe and snuggled and warm.


Hey, your mom gave you a good gift! That's terrific.


that Mom sure knows how to take care of her girl!


Wow....that is a fantastic gift and how perfect for you!!


That pot was MADE for you! YAY!


That's a pretty nifty gadget!


In Japan, many people have these pots going in the kitchen all day. And in every hotel or bed & breakfast that I've stayed in over many trips there, there is always one set up in the room on a tray with little cups and green tea, ready to for guests at their arrival. I've often thought of getting one for myself. Maybe this winter!


Oh wow! That's so cool. I want one.


THAT is the coolest gift!!


I'll spare you the gruesome details of my drive home last night.


That looks cool. I'll have to check it out.


I'd be more covetous of that if I didn't just drink one cup of tea per day. Nifty.


You are so lucky that you didn't have far to drive yesterday!


I love that holiday movie--my favorite as well! Thanks for the reminder to get the dvd out. :)


That is one cool gift. The only good thing at work lately is the hot water tap on the coffee machine for instant gratification.

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