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I don't understand the people who don't eat leftovers; I'm with you - most things taste better the second day.


Mmmm. I love to cook and try new things, but only when I want to -- I hate "making supper" night after night, and I especially hate thinking about it. Ms. Erin doesn't know what she's missing in refusing the leftovers! Yummmmm and, indeed, w00t!


Eating without a sense of smell seems pointless, somehow. Poor Pete. I love Cook's Illustrated, too. It appeals to my OCD tendencies.


Oh, that is pure misery in my book -- I've always criticized my sister for being a short-order cook in her own house. What is WRONG with people who don't enjoy food? And leftovers are nirvana! People without an appreciation for food (and senses of smell - sorry, Pete -- I know it's not your fault, but still) ought to be shot. Hee.


Any thing that keeps one out of the kitchen is good. We had leftover chicken last night with a salad. Chili would have been better.


Leftovers are the only reason I can tolerate to cook!


Would you like to borrow my family? They eat anything and will eat leftovers for days. Just watch out, they are bottomless pits.
I love leftovers. My favorite is leftover Thanksgiving dinner. I could eat that for a week!


Unfortunately my family balks at leftovers. I do serve them from time to time with protests from the ranks. They haven't learned that they do taste better with age. And I am guilty from time to time when my kids were young in doing the alternate meal plan thing. Now that the older 2 can cook- they're on their own if they don't like what's being served. I too love food and grew up overseas eating foods from all over the world. A well rounded palate is a good thing!


joe has the refined palate of an 8 year old so i get no joy from cooking. some days he just gets eggs and toast because it's just not any fun to cook for someone who turns up his nose at macaroni and cheese because i used ziti instead of elbows. (i kid you not).

me on the other hand, i'll eat almost anything. my mom insisted that we taste everything and the only time she ever made something different for us was if she made something really weird for her and my dad, like tripe.


Agreed. I hate cooking to begin with, but if there was appreciation around here for interesting attempts at food, I might be more motivated. But no.


You can cook for me any day. I don't eat red meat, but I eat anything else and love a good meal!! (OK, maybe haggis is on the "no" list too...)


I used to hate cooking, when I did it all the time. Now that I can't seem to motivate myself to do it, I miss it. It should be a rule that the people you cook for *have* to love what you love to eat.


A guy I knew from high school had a head injury and lost his sense of smell. Lost a lot of weight...

If he can't smell, why do those foods bother him? Texture?

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