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julia fc

A belated Happy Birthday!
(real tree and paper wrapping over here too)


Those cookies in that photo look MARVELOUS. Yum. I could eat the whole plate right now.


Love the china!


Your salmon quiche sounds very yummy. And the chocolate covered cookie man would NOT last long if anywhere near me. :-)


What no carrots for the reindeer? They need fuel too :)

Chocolate covered gingerbread men - genius!


Great list Terry. I'm loving hearing from you so often :)


You are NOT going to Hawaii for Christmas!!!! Can you please adopt me for the months - the kids won't miss me, and your Erin and I can work out some strategy so no one gets confused.


I loved reading your answers to this meme, sweetie.


Oh yum...cookies. We went to a Hanukkah party last night and had a good time with friends. That's what I like best about the season...time with friends. Everything else...bah humbug.
Love the meme.


What a nice idea to do one small enjoyable Christmas thing every day :-)!


I love biting the heads off gingerbread men during the holiday season;) Yours look delicious.
I had Crissy!! I had Mrs Beasley too but in a cleaning fit I sold her on ebay.


Crissy was my favorite too!!!! And Lite Brite! We too always and still do got new PJ's and to open one gift - helps get everyone to sleep - NOT! Love your blog. Just a lurker - no blog to call my own. I'm also a tea fan and saw many of my faves on your list from earlier.


Great meme. I thought I was the only one who felt that the day after Christmas is the best day, for all the reasons you mentioned.

Susan Pandorf

Wishing you some joy this morning...

Take it easy on yourself and don't try to force it. Sometimes I think happiness is something we look all over for, when it is right under our noses. Or to quote Dorothy, "in our own backyard."

I think happiness is what's left behind when you move all the other "stuff" out of the way. Sort of an OH-THAT'S-WHERE-I-LEFT YOU! thing. Maybe that's why you love the 26th. All the other stuff has fallen by the wayside.

Works for me anyway.

Now, how much did Lucy in Peanuts charge?



Scrooges unite!


Santa drank beer at my house too. We thought it was a riot.

I think I'll steal this later today.


Hye, Happy Birthday late and what fun to see your delightful answers to the meme. Yep, the pressing masses and the bad music make it hard to hold on tight to that same wow spirit from childhood... but I am glad to hear you are trying:)


I had the VELVET doll! :D


I don't know what it is this year, but I just can't get jazzed about Christmas. The kids couldn't care less and the thought of spending any time at a mall makes me cringe. Wake me when it's over.

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