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I hope you were able to get some sleep. I know you will enjoy your wonderful, sunny Christmas; there will be plenty more White Christmas' for you. Exhaustion and hormones can do crazy things to your emotions; there's no need to apologize for your feelings.

Gorgeous rainbow!


I can completely understand your feelings. You're going to have a wonderful time but a lot of what makes Christmas special is the traditions we do over and over. It's normal to miss those traditions, I think. BUT - enjoy your new Christmas experience!


I think you made your point w/out sounding whiny and spoiled. You're glad to be in Hawaii, but you're missing your usual traditions/sense memories of Xmas. Sounds pretty normal to me. Have a great time, and I hope these blues dissipate!


Apologies are not necessary. It's your blog and you can whine if you want to. We don't call them "raging" hormones for nothing. You'll feel much better after some decent sleep. After all, you have your family with you and that's the most important Christmas tradition.


Travel is tring and trying. Enjoy that view and you'll feel much better!


Well, if it's any consolation, it's going to be in the 50s here on Sunday with a lot of rain. So probably no White Christmas here either.


You are going to feel much better after a little sleep :-). There will be lots more White Christmases in your future :-), but maybe only one Hawaiian vacation with your girls. You are going to have a blast!


I can completely understand how you are feeling. I do the same thing- it's all the prep and work before the trip that is catching up to you, plus the PMS. You'll look back on this as a great and wonderful time with your family. Take care!


Oh I know just how you feel. Travel sucks the life right out of you and PMS as a travel companion makes everything worse. Enjoy your family and Hawaii. The rainbow is beautiful. There are some great things about a green Christmas.


I completely understand, too. Traveling is strange: It is so exhausting, straining every cell in your body and brain to beyond its limits. It's a good thing in the end the memories turn out (somehow) to be fun - otherwise, it's like childbirth -- none of us would ever do it again. :)


I hear you! I remember the rainbows there fondly. You'll have to add Meme Kalikimaka to your Christmas song repertoire on your iPod! Enjoy the warmth!


It always takes me a day or two to relax on vacation. Guaranteed a couple days on the beach parternerd with a couple of pina coladas and you'll be all like Christmas who?!?

Have a wonderful time!


I am not a happy traveler -- especially not on big trips. It usually takes a while to settle in, and I'm sure you will.

You're making a wonderful memory that's just yours -- you and your husband and your beautiful daughters -- it may not be perfect, but it will always be yours. And, no doubt, it will only get better.
Have fun. XO.


Traveling is always jarring, especially at the holidays. I think that in a day or two, you'll settle in to your vacation and have a blast! Will you hike a volcano for us?


Don't apologize! I understand, believe me. :) I grew up in Hawaii, and this is only my second winter (and seriously, last year apparently didn't even count). Today everything is gorgeous blanketed by white, but your post made me home sick. Just because you miss something doesn't mean you can't enjoy where you are, though - Mele Kalikimaka! :)


No sympathy!! Have a great time. I wish we could have gotten together before you went! Merry Christmas!


You have my sympathies, and they are completely deserved. Between travelling, PMS, and missing a white Christmas, you have a perfect right to be sad, although I will say that we're getting heavy rain Sunday here in MA, so I expect the beautiful snow to be a gray, dirty mess by Tuesday.

Cheryl S.

Sometimes it's good to whine! I'm sorry you're not feeling well - hopefully it will get better soon. The little sweaters are adorable!


I'm happy to hear your travel wasn't bolloxed up by the snow we had yesterday.

Remember: beach, blue water pix for those of us NOT missing a white xmas. ;-)


Don't apologize! I'm actually also having a really hard time with not spending Christmas at home this year (we're going to Scott's parents'... it's not Hawaii, but I like his family so I should just get over it.) Sometimes you just need to throw yourself a pity party and then move on.


So much of our celebration of Christmas revolves around personal traditions that I'd find it very hard to do something so different, too.

I'm enjoying having cats that are now tree-savy enough I can pull out some of my glass ornaments I haven't used for years. Feels like tradition and something new at the same time.

Take a nice nap in the sun on some warm sand. Hard to feel anxious after that.


I definitely understand! I hope you get some sleep soon. Try knitting in bed--works for me everytime. :-) Have a Merry Christmas and a fun vacation.


Hugs. The sweaters are so adorable!


Terry everyone is entitled to a bad day, don't apologize...besides if you have to be miserable with PMS, why not be miserable in Paradise? :)

Have a wonderful time and a Happy Holiday!

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