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I agree with you on many of your dislikes. I got the Barenaked Ladies Christmas album this year and it's pretty eclectic and I think their rendition of "Sleigh Ride" is wonderful. My favorite carol is O Come All Ye Faithful and Kathy Mattea's live version is fabulous.


Ohhhh, well, I could take or leave most Christmas music, except maybe ONE listening to on Christmas day, and only because I'm having a cup of spiked eggnog. So I guess that means I could pretty much LEAVE it. And those houses! You had me going. I thought they were all YOURS. I would have totally believed they were yours. Darn. I wish they were yours. :D


Not the biggest Xmas music fan -

One I cannot tolerate anymore and change the channel every time I hear it: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, by Bruce Springsteen.

One I absolutely LOVE and could listen to over and over again: Merry Christmas Baby by Bruce Springsteen.

And my all time favorite? Christmas in Hollis by Run DMC.


I have not played a signal Christmas song this year. I've heard plenty, but I haven't played any. If I were, though, the CDs in the line-up would be Johnny Mathis, Andy Williams, The Chieftains, and Vince Guiraldi.

Love the frosted mini-wheat bricks!

Cheryl S.

The one I can't live without (though I'd probably put it in the "pretty much done with after the first or second time I've heard them" category) is the Christmas Song by Alvin and the Chipmunks. Yes, I'm "THAT OLD". But it just isn't Christmas without it, and it always brings a smile.

But other than that, you pretty much pegged my favorites - "The Christmas Song" (Nat, but I agree, the Mathis version is good too), "White Christmas" - ditto, both versions you mention), and "Blue Christmas".

Merry Christmas!


Grrl!! We have EXACTLY the same taste in Christmas music and I'm frankly shocked! Your list of likes and dislikes is just as I would have made. One of my favs that isn't on your list is Robert Earl Keen's Christmas with the family. I sing it very loudly to Moxie every year and laugh my ass off. ;-)
The houses are such a nice way to decorate! Thanks for sharing them. Mali Kaliki Maka, grrlfriend!!


Have you heard Joan Osborne's Christmas album? It's my new favorite - wonderfully bluesy, with some gospel mixed in. My favotite track (definitely on the bluesy side) is "What Do Bad Girls Get?"


My husband listens to KUDL, which starts the Christmas music on November 1st. By Thanksgiving, I'm not liking anything resembling Christmas music.

That said, I'm ok with the music, except for the creepy stuff. The Victoria's Secret girls singing Santa Baby to a very old man is icky, as is I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause. My grandfather looked like Santa, so a young gal kissing on him is a yucky thought.

Also high on the ick factor is Baby It's Cold Outside. To us older ones, it's cute, but to my pre-teen daughter, it sounded like potential date rape to her. She said, "That stalker guy needs to let her go already." Odd how the point of views change in a generation.


The Josh Groban one is great. I have to admit to hating myself for liking Trans Siberian Orchestra, but I do.


Merry Christmas, my dear Terry! YOU ARE IN HAWAII!!!
love you, grrrl!
(I will be sad the day after Christmas when the music goes back to "normal")


Christmas music? Me? HA!

I hope you are having outrageous fun for your beach holiday.


Awesome gingerbread houses! I was faked out too thinking they were yours.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The Feminist Mafia

I totally agree with I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. Okay, perhaps clever for adults who hear it, and know that Daddy is dressed up like Santa. But what about everyone else? It's a song about Mommy cheating on Daddy with Santa -- Mr. Whole and Pure? eeek! Never liked it.

But those houses are excellent! Love them. Can't wait to see you back on the mainland again. Merry Christmas!


What a great post. I love the parade of gingerbread houses - they must have been wonderful to see live and in person. I'm a softee for all the holiday music to the chagrin of everyone who is forced to live with me. Jose Feliciano and Eartha Kitt are locals in my town - so I feel I have to be loyal to them. I also must confess to being a Fanilow (so anything Barry sings is on my list). This was very funny and merry. Thanks for the laughs and enjoy that sunshiny Christmas.


GRP Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas CDs: all jazz, all various artists, mostly instrumental, very few vocals. I just received GRP Christmas vol II and vol III for Christmas.

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