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I'd be happy to take it off your hands so it'll have someone to wear it and love it ;-)
It's loveley!


ooops, lovely!


I was starting to think this scarf was a myth. Glad to see it's the real deal.


The scarf is beautiful and I love when knits have a story with them. But I am surprised that the model hasn't snapped up the scarf since it looks fabulous on her.


It's very handsome. Anyone would love it!


I can't wait until you make one out of that other colorway too!


Very nice!


I started one of these scarves the other day with #267 and another colorway that was almost solid and too light. I didn't like it and ripped it out and have started over in different colorways. I love the two colors you used. Very pretty. It would go great with my brown coat if you can't find anyone to give it to. ;)


That's really nice. It's interesting that I don't think I've seen one of these striped scarves in colors that I didn't like -- whether bright (somehow the pairing leads to balance) or muted.


I've seen so many of these on blogs, I feel like I need to make one. Even though I have many scarves in my closet, and nobody who needs one.


Your pretty daughter looks a whole lot like her momma when she smiles.


what? the model hasn't grabbed it for her own?

and tell danielle that one can never have too many scarves. jesus.

Susan Pandorf

Nice... not too loud...whispers instead of shouting...my kind of scarf...


Beth S.

That is utterly fabulous. And so delightful to see an earth-toned project over here in the Land of Blue! ;-)


Absolutely lovely!



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