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Having seen you order tea, I know you make it a science!


We had a Japanese store here in SLC that had tea ceremonies and served matcha regularly, too. It is earthy and 'green' tasting...a lovely reminder of spring.


How fun to keep learning new things and have new experiences with something that you are so passionate about! And thanks for the link -- I'm not sure I'd be into "thick" tea!


Very nice! That outing sounds fun! Something I'd be willing to try and maybe like. The consensus on the flavor made me crack up!


What a FUN outing! You being all matcha-matcha and all. Heh. It seems for many of us the meetups are becoming more about the people and less about the knitting or the blogging. I think this is way nice. I bet that tea is packed FULL of antioxidants, too. Mmmmm.


Chortling at Norma's comment. Sounds like a great afternoon indeed. Hey, would you please stop posting so I can catch up?

julia fc

I think her name is Heidi. unless you had Bil's wife. Her name is Megan.
I'm liking the milk oolong myself over there, when they have it.


I've been "studying" Japanese tea ceremony for more than 3 years now so I know all about matcha! Although it is an acquired taste, I definitely recommend trying thick tea. I hated it at first but I definitely love it now! Just make sure you get your hands on some Japanese sweets to drink with that tea. :)

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