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wow, i'm first?

the breathing down the neck thing. i have never experienced such a thing. what a difference a few inches make. i don't do well standing in line either.

and how is it that the DMV computers are down so often? honestly, if the computers were down where i work that often we'd be screwed!


I cannot even imagine what YOU would find to order at Texas Road House. Although, I do like their fried chicken. Did they do any dancing while you were there? Oy.


Mwahaha, well, as I said, "Resumes and applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis." This definitely qualifies as a resume. Heh. NO MEETINGS. We hate each other, REMEMBER?! :O


Were you in Epping? I hate that DMV, they take the worst pictures I've ever seen. I'm sticking with Dover Point from now on.


In my current state I would've told the lady she had two choices - either stop breathing on ME or stop breathing altogether.


Texas Road Ho, huh? classy joint, for sure -- love the entertainment. ;)

I can't stand the "personal space invaders". UG! Made me all shivery and creepy crawly thinking about it.


I'd have "accidentally" poked her with my needles, then perhaps pretended to make a call on my cellphone, the subject of which was that I was on my way to my doctor's to see if I REALLY had contagious TB.


Recently, I was loading my items from a very full cart and this woman behind me started to load her stuff on the moving conveyor thingy. She was quite annoyed when I told her that I wasn't quite finished unloading my stuff and I'd appreciate her waiting a second. So, she continued to load her stuff. It started to go into my stuff, which I was still loading, so I started taking it off and putting it back in her cart. She got really mad. Fortunately, the cashiers all know and adore me (OK, they adore Bean, but I get the side benefits) and the cashier told the woman, "Honey, I can't ring up two people at once." Heh.

THEN, I'm trying to write my check and she's banging her cart into me! I finally put everything down and said, "I understand you are in a hurry. I'm in a hurry as well. However, you are one of the rudest people I've ever met and if you shove that cart into me one more time I'm having her call security for assault." It was hilarious. The cashier thought it was the funniest thing ever and, to this day, every time I'm writing a check she asks if I need her to call security. Of course, everyone behind me is all "WTF?!" but we get a tickle out of it.


Is that the Texas Road ho in Salem? I was born in Texas. . . I might have to go stand in front of that sign for a photo before they fix it.


Just what this grrl needs...a good laugh!! Thank goodness for knitting, eh?

Beth S.

I was deeply skeptical when my parents first extolled the virtues of Texas Road Ho (heh)to me a year or two ago, but then I went with them and had a really good steak. I've even gone back willingly. The shrimp is soaked in butter and garlic and is absolutely killer.

At least they didn't take the Aussies to Outback. ;-)

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