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Ooh, I love Pushing Daisies too. Looking forward to the end of the strike...


Ooh - Odessa looks amazing. I love the group shot. Almost looks like a team event. Congrats!


359 IS a huge number - are you sure you don't want to wax rhapsodic over the color or the texture of the Odessa yarns, or the hypnotic swirls, or the fact that I would look really good in a sapphire blue Odessa and thus you are forced to knit me one, and milk the Odessa story for another week? (I'm just trying to be helpful here.)(Really, I am.)


I thought the white one was my favorite but now I think it's the tan one.
My husband hates "Pushing Daisies" and since he is the kiss of death to all good programs you may just luck out and have this one stick around for a while assuming the strike is settled.


I loved seeing all the Odessas. I might have to make one just to have an excuse to put beads on something.


I'm surprised you didn't make yourself one in blue too. It's a cute hat. I made one once for my Mom, without the beads though. The green hat with the bamboo scarf is my favorite. Pretty!


They are such good looking hats. I can see how that swirl could be addicting knitting.


I need a new hat -- must pick up some Cashmerino!


This may be a silly question, but can you estimate how much of the Wool Bam Boo it took to finish the hat? I have some leftovers percolating in my stash and it hadn't even occurred to me that I could use them for something so seductively beautiful. I can see why you kept making them. I absolutely love the wooden beads you used on the cream one.


So very swirly.


Love those hats.

"Look what happened to Rowan Magpie." hahahahahahhaahah


As I blogged a few months ago, I absolutely love Pushing Daisies. It makes me soooo happy. And one small bit of good news about the writers' strike is that because of it, there won't be many (if any?) pilots made this spring, so there won't be many (any?) new shows for networks to choose from, so they'll be bringing back almost all the shows that were new this year. I think Pushing Daisies has done reasonably well in the ratings, anyway.

Oh, and the Odessa hats are lovely! That's been in my queue for a while... but I probably wont' get to it anytime soon, so I'll just have to live vicariously through yours!

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