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Nice Noro scarf! I really like it in the manly colors.

Of course the redo is great, too! I know what a pain it is to be fiddling with all of that stuff. Looks like all the hard work paid off! I especially like the picture of your skirt in the middle. Nice work!


Happy anniversary! Nothing like a contest to get the lurkers (like me!) out. I have enjoyed your daily posting, and LOVE (how's that?!) the new landscape. Seriously, it is really nice! Thanks for the contest.


I do love the redo, your banner of blue photos is brilliant!


The scarf is lovely!
Happy Blog Birthday! The new layout is wonderful. I love the photos at the top.
I never read manuals either. I find it easier to learn as I do.


You look marhhhavelous! Love the do, it's so you (and it's about time). It is so wonderful to come into Blogland everyday and find you here.


the banner looks great! happy blogversary.

and non-blue scarf!


I love the new look! I want to do some new type of banner on my blog. Happy Blogiversary, T!


Of course it looks good! And blue. I should check out photoshop elements and actually do some work on the photos I post :)


Love the redo. The banner, the two-column layout, the colours, and especially the border treatment on the photo. Love, love, love. All you really need.

Is that enough? Nice scarf too.


Looks great! Happy Blogiversary!

I'm one of those people that's always yelling at other people to RTFM. Especially when they complain to me about their digital camera. Invariably - they haven't read the manual.

(Oh and I'm just here for the good wishes and witty banter. No prizes please!)


Well, you know I love the redo. When my new laptop comes and I carry it everywhere with me, we can monkey with your template at the slightest whim! That will be fun.


I hate to RTFM. It should be intuitive dammit! And then I RTFM. The thing that makes this so amusing is that my job is WTFM (writing the flipping manual)!

Nice layout and happy blogiversary!


This fits in with your "cleaning up the clutter" post from a while back...not that your blog was cluttered (lol), but it's just a good feeling to get something reorganized and have it look great! I just did an impromptu re-do, also; it was a good way to start the year.
And I love the pics in the banner.


Okay I do have say the dropspindle with inlaid turqouise and matching fiber strand in the upper right corner is absolutely beautiful. Yeah, I'm a sucker for the pretty pictures.


Looks just the same to me. You're still blathering on as usual [kidding, I hope you know] and there's random buttons and links here and there on the right.

Translation: I'm reading this on my SO's computer, which he has rigged such that certain photos (like those on Ravelry, say, or your no-doubt-smashing new banner) don't show up. Annoying. Very. I really should back in the habit of using my own computer. (long story there)

Anyhoo - happy blogoversary!


Love the redo; love the scarf more.


I love the redo *this much*! I especially love the blue photo banner at the top - I need one of those for my blog. :)


Oh dear, these must be the kind of changes that only the pure in heart can see because I am not seeing them at all. I am so disappointed!

Stephanie M

They are all such pretty shades of blue!! I love it!


I switched to Firefox from Safari and I can see the changes and they are beautiful!


I really do love the new banner! Maybe I'll spend part of this snowy day working on mine!

Cheryl S.

I love the new look!


Its so very blue.



I love the new do. Very tasteful! The scarf is quite nice as well. All this posting is quite addicting. I haven't signed up for the 365/366 posts thing because that would be too much like commitment. Still, I've managed 13 posts in a row. See, you are inspiring me!

Oh, and manuals are overrated.


Happy blog birthday. I love, love, LOVE the new look.


Happy Blog Birthday. Love the new look.


Your HUSBAND. A man?? Wants you to read a MANUAL. I have to lie down.
(great new look. Happy anniversary)


Happy Blog Birthday to you! I do love the new look and the scarf's pretty nice too :-)


I show you the LOOOOOOOOOVE, Woman! I do, I do!!!! I love it. I'm a bit jealous, but jealousy is such an ugly quality that I will not admit to it. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone.

RTFM? Cripes, I used to be so good at that. It's a skill I lost somewhere. Maybe I should make an effort to regain it. Frack. Photoshop elements? WTF? Thru Typepad? Or do I have to RTFM of Photoshop too? I've got someone's old Photoshop that they gave me, but I think it's obsolete-ish and I can't make heads nor tails of it. I think I should just go ahead and get a new one.


It looks great! The blue spindle and fiber rocks!


It's fantastic, Terry! I love your banner -- it's so you, as is the rest. Nice, nice, nice... 'n blue.
; )


Happy Blogiversary and nice blue tinkering with your blog! I know how much work it must have been. I haven't even successfully learned how to plop the "ABC Along" button thing, or any other, to my site. Someday.


Oh, yes, I do like the redo; it's much bluer and we fans of blue like all the blue we can see. And you chose such a nice blue for the links band at the right. Nice banner of blue, too! An idea: you have so many nice blue FOs and blue stash that you could make several revolving banners showcasing a number of them.


The banner looks great. And hey, my blogiversary is tomorrow! Capricorn blogs are the best.... (grin)


Love the photos and the new format --and love reading all your daily posts! Happy Blogiversary!


I DO really love the new look... there is still blue to admire and associate with you, but the spacing gives it a nice, clean, crisp look... how's that for lotta love?! Happy Blogiversary!!


Happy Blogiversary! Your new banner is very nice. Thanks for sharing your life with us!


I like the new look. On my monitor, it's still blue though.

Alarming Female

Everything looks beautiful! Love the sexy skirt, especially. And wasn't that Noro scarf fun to knit? Mindless, yes, but fun to watch the colors unfold. I just finished one, too. Happy Anniversary!


Girly, nobody does blue like you! I love whatever arrangement of the blues you settle on. I had my 3rd blogiversay last week. Most Happy Blogiversary to you. Oh, and I hate reading manuals myself.


The re-do looks GRReat! I especially like the spindle. The scarf is beautiful. I agree w/Brenda above - a man and a manual - kinda an oxymoron in my experience. And I am REALLY liking the daily blogging of all of you girls in 365! Tammy

Elizabeth H.

The re-do looks great! I bow to your bravery in fighting the computer programs to change it. I'm a coward - my blog looks exactly as it did on the first post. Blue is absolutely the bestest color of all!


Like you really need me to tell you I love your blog, your banner, and YOU? But I do.


Lovely scarf! And the blog looks fabulous - the banner, the colors, everything! Happy Blogiversay.


Booootiful new look! Scarf is rather yummy too- i may have to wander and look at silk garden (and i was resisting so nicely).

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