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oh my, can I guess 11,111 then?


WOW! That's a lot of email. I shall not do the math and figure out how many you average a day.
The blue scarf is lovely. Will it be yours?


Oh. My.


I am going to guess (can I still guess?)..umm...1623.


So because you deleted our e-mails that means we can guess again! My guess is 15,07. Sounds like you need to purge your inbox pronto. Click at the top and drag through all of them and delete! It's very cathartic!


Oops! I mean 15,070!


10,650! Hey where is the cute sheepy mug from??


Hahahaha! Okay, okay... 13,131.

Imelda / GreenishLady

I've come by for the first time via Becca's Byline, and am glad to have found you. Your tutorial on defragmenting the hard drive is absolutely wonderful! I don't know many IT techs who would use the family laundry as an analogy, but it's perfect! You've reminded me it's about time I cleaned up my laptop instead of bemoaning how slow it is all the time.


I should have gone with first idea...knew it had to be very high (my idea was 21,345) because if you can't delete one you won't/can't delete any! ;-) Pretty scarf.


I'm really bad when it comes to emails too. Not quite as many as yours, but too many for sure.

Beth S.

Wow, I thought by 90 unread e-mails were bad. Now I know. ;-)

Very lovely Noro, btw.


FINALLY. Someone more OCD than me.


They do build up don't they. The first semester we had email at our school( early 1990's, the coach asked me to help him open his account in December as he had never been able to and didn't know if he had any mail. Now remember we were all just getting started on emailing then. I said sure as I wanted to see how much mail he had missed. Something like 390 messages. That was 1993-ish? Just from end of August to the middle of Dec. What would it be like today! :)

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