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5,239 emails.

Was I close?

Snail mail address to come tomorrow, when I'm near a computer that behaves itself.


I totally love to defrag. Wouldn't it be great if we could defrag our bodies!?
My guess 3,843.




Good for you! I would love to delete and defrag the contents of my home, especially my kids bedrooms!


Umm, yeah. I use a Mac :) If you're anything like me, you've probably got 3700 emails to delete!


1964 emails. A wild guess.


Um.... 5,432


Defrag, baby! I love that you haiku-ed about computer maintenance!
My guess, 4023
Oh, and sign me up for the home defrag. *isn't it ironic that this computer spell check does not recognize a computer word like defrag? Is it just me??




Awesome post, Terry!! Maybe I'll do computer maintenance while I make soup this weekend (baby, it's gonna be COLD outside).

6,023 emails

Stephanie M

I would say 3,000 emails. My computer is also misbehaving, however i convinced my brother the computer wiz to come over tomorrow and help me clean it up!! I use to defrag my old computer but couldn't find that featuer on my new one! I never understood what it did until now.


Well sounds like I need to do the same. I too am an e-mail hoarder. I have 5150 saved and another 329 unread. So I'll guess you deleted at least that much. So I'll say 5,479.


hey mac users out there -- do we defrag macs?

i'm going to guess 4,732 emails.


I say you deleted almost 7989 emails, since you had over 10,000 unread...let's hope I am close to being right!!

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