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Poor baby. I'd still call you.

Cheryl S.

I was so happy to see them leave!


I'd just be happy to not see the TV commercials anymore.


Nice to have a quiet phone. Ours will start up in earnest again soon! Brrring, brrring to you too ;-0


none have them have ever called me. nor have their friends the pollsters. *sigh*


My in-laws live in Iowa and their answering machine (which, admittedly probably dates back to when Bush the Elder was in office) died after the onslaught of the primaries there.


LOL. Politicians and men: They only want one thing. You give it to them, and then you never hear from them again...until the next time they want it. Hsahahahahahahh. You are a good writer, my friend. I'm so glad you're blogging 365.


Dude. I'm actually a little bit jealous. I've got primary fever. ;-)


I'm glad you are blogging 365 too! :D
If there is anything I hate is when you approach an interestction and the sign wavers start making a ruckus. And why do they choose to stand at the most dangerous intersections? And DO they think it will really work.
"Hmm. I am going to vote for Joe Schmo. Huh. Look at Josephina Schmo's people. They are so nice. They are smiling and waving. I will vote for her instead"
love you!


I'm next so when they start calling me, I'll tell em you miss em :)


hahaha!! Is that not the truth or what?


And with the earlier primaries we get to have election season last even longer. What joy!

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