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A cockeyed optimist! It sounds grand, in my book. Yarn is the stuff that dreams are made on...eh?


I like your thinking :)

It's such a daunting task adding every single yarn with picture. I've been trying to do it bit by bit when time allows but I'm failing miserably. Most of what's up there is new stuff - but then again I'm not keeping up with that either.


The world needs more Pollyannas!


I love this take on stash, and you describe the mentality of it perfectly!


Of course you're an optimist! We all are.


Ooh, great post! It's hard to describe that feeling when you acquire new yarn, or first cast on for a new project. Only another knitter would get it, I think, and you put it into words perfectly! I also like the comparison to the runner's high, as I also am a runner, but never thought to comparte the two. Pretty profound stuff there:)


Ha! I meant compare, not compart!


You are right! Optimists all. Not everyone can look at string and see a beautiful sweater or a fashionable hat.


Great post, Terry. I do think that the stash can turn on you, though; falling out of like/love with a yarn, having a bad project experience, or feeling burden/obligation rather than hope/anticipation. Usually it's only one or two bad apples spoiling the frame of mind, and there are ways of dealing with that -- nothing like a cleansing STASH SALE!
; )


I think that your stash probably says that you really, really, really, really, really, REALLY like the color blue. ;-)


Nothing wrong with a few more optimists in the world. My stash says that I sure love a sale (or, shall I say bah-gain) and love the Webs discount!


Have you pointed out to her that she says the same thing every. single. time? Because she may be totally unaware of it. If she is aware of it, tell her to knock it off or you'll deck her.


Golding wheel...Bernina....you are an optimist with GREAT taste!


so funny about your friend!!! I hide most of my stash. It's my son who keeps bringing up my pacrat tendencies. My husband stays mum for exactly the same reason yours does.


Hee hee! I like the phrase "really" adding my stash to Ravelry. Because I haven't been brave enough to go there. It seems kinda daunting.


I think you hit the nail on the head with that analysis. And "optimist" sounds so much better than "compulsive shopper"!!


I feel like the only appropriate response to this post is "amen, sister!"

Alarming Female

I am TOTALLY with you on this one. Are you an INFP? Heh.

And regarding Margene's queue. . .I think she has a much better memory than I. I don't use the queue quite in the way it's meant, probably, but rather as a collection of possibilities from which to chose. Otherwise I'd forget the project idea immediately.


You are a member of SABLE
Stash acquistion beyond life expectancy


I totally intend to knit up every last yard before I die. Really.


This is an excellent way of looking at life--and knitting. I'm soooo with you!


Great post, my sentiments exactly - except I'd kick that "friend" of yours to the curb! What's it to her anyway?


But what about those of us who are not only knitters but quilters, too? Your friend has *no idea* what is lurking out here!
I love your take on our eternal optimism. I'm adopting it. :-)


You are really correct about the endorphin theory. I would bet that PET scanning would show lighting up of the pleasure centers of the brain during yarn purchase, and yarn contemplation, and project starting.

I see my stash as choices, too. Choices are good (note the plural, of course.)

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