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Such lucky grrls to win Kim's yarn. She does do color well...I want one of each! I like the little words at the bottom. I can 'just' see them.


I have to make my screen HUGE in order to see them, and I do, because they are worth it. So it would be nice if you made them bigger. :)


Love you Hate the music! :-)


what sock pattern is that?? i looooooooooove it!


I love your little notes in italics. Keep 'em coming! I especially loved your question about Belichek yesterday - what was he thinking with the red???

The sock is gorgeous. Please tell us what pattern you're using!


I think turning a heel is magic every single time too. The socks are lovely.


I love how he pattern divides at the heel! Those socks (and the yarn) are simply delicious.


Terry those socks are beautiful!!


and yes......my first thought when I saw Belicheck in a red hoodie was.....WHAT THE HULL???


Heel turns are my favorite part of knitting...its amazes me every time I make a sock. Your sock is beautiful.


Add me to the list of people who are amused and amazed by turning heels. Shoot, I even liked turning the heel on the pair of Fuzzy Feet that I am making (on US size 10 needles, no less). Thank you for the wonderful prize! I am delighted and feeling very, very lucky!


That shawl is so pretty Terri!!


I do, like I told you have trouble reading the itty notes at the bottom. But don't change a thing. For one, it's good to make my eyes see something. And it 2. It's always worth the squint! It's special.


Ooohh, that shawl is GORGEOUS!!

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