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She is so good...
I think we were separated at birth;) I have an obsessive side. Lately it's Riesen- the chocolate is yummy and the size perfect for a little snack. I'm casted on another sweater and obsessing on a new bit of entertainment too. It must be something in the air.


Ah, our musical tastes share much in common. I am a big fan of Eva Cassidy as well. She had such a beautiful and haunting voice. I'm so sad that the world didn't get to hear more of her.


I LOVE Eva's voice. I remember watching that nightline special about her....so sad.

I do the same thing with music and it drives my kids batty..hahaha


Yeah. Sniff.


She's one of my favorites, too! Our community station plays here often. What a loss to loose her so soon. Thank you for the video.


I too love Eva.

And I am not usually one to just "like" something. When I like it, I LOVE IT.


Another one to check out for my iPod!


I'll take a listen. Dale does that with certain songs and it drives me nuts. I can never ever listen to "Woman Going Crazy on Caroline St." by Jimmy Buffett again. He played it endlessly for 4 days straight about 9 years ago and I'm still not over it.


I couldn't agree with you more. I love Eva Cassidy. We have lost our CD's (read that: some daughter walked off with them and I do not know which one!) or I would have it on my iTunes as well and play it on a regular basis!!! I would drive Pete crazy too.


thanks so much for sharing such a wonderous musician. I will enjoy her over and over.


Hmmmm . . . I do exactly the same thing. It drives my husband crazy!

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