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What a beautiful post. I completely agree with you....in giving we receive and the gift we receive is the joy that the gift brings the recipient.

Gang members knitting....now there's a vision...haha!


Well said on all accounts! I know it why I knit for others, not just my family. Praying for your enemies indeed does change you, it heals relationships, too. Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl S.

I know that your shawl was greatly appreciated. What a kind and thoughtful gesture.


I'm crying all over again and laughing at (and enjoying) your world view. It's perfect.


That really is true, that praying for your enemies (or just people you have a hard time getting along with) changes you.

And you're right about the knitting too. That Seraphim Shawl I knit last year when I was so sad and depressed, I had to get rid of it. I gave it and its sad energy to my mother. Poor woman.


Wonderful post - thank you! I figured that with posting every day, you'd get past the "Here is FO#22" stage and get down to the heart of who you are - and here you are!


This is a very thoughtful post and I enjoyed it. I knit a prayer shawl for my mother in law when she was dying of Alzheimer's. I know it brought her comfort and it brought me comfort, as well.

Imelda / GreenishLady

I've loved hearing about projects like the prayer shawls. I love the spirit of generosity and you describe so beautifully the way you knit the feeling of kindness into the shawl. I love your idea about having everybody knit. Yes, indeed, it could change the world!


I really enjoyed reading your post today. I have knit a couple of prayer shawls for friends and I found that the process of knitting renewed and refreshed me and the shawls brough comfort to my friends.


Great post! I too chair and group and knit prayer shawls for my church community as well as relatives. I too love to see the reactions of recipients and read their letters.


Wonderful post, very thoughtful and provoking. Thanks.

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