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Terry, that is breathtaking! The color perfect, of course!


Not only are the yarn and pattern perfectly suited for each other, you know the perfect words to describe your experience and the finished product. It's so beautiful, so amazing. Good work, grrlfriend!


Lovely. Thumbs up to you, Kim, and Mim. A formidable combination!


Just gorgeous!Remember the name is Blog 365, not 366. :)


It's absolutely gorgeous. The perfect combination of pattern, yarn and knitting skillz.


You did such an INCREDIBLE job on this shawl....I LOVE it!

Marcia Cooke

Simply. Stunning.


such a stunning completion.
congrats to all three of the 'participants' in the creation of this beauty. (grin) I've long enjoyed Mim's patterns - and Kim's dyeing is an incredible gift to us all.... and your great execution of the porject... well it's yummy.


It's stunning. (How do you do this so fast?)


Beautiful, and the blue is gorgeous.




Really beautiful work - it was cool to see it on you in all the SPA photos people posted.

FYI - swapped out my afteroon coffee for green tea, so you've half converted me.


Your shawl is beautiful! The yarn and the pattern work perfectly together.


I was delighted to see I captured your pretty shawl in a photo. You did the design and yarn proud.


Gorgeous and more so in person, but I have to say those photos are super! The last one depicts the the greenish bits best. Nice job!


It came out perfectly and absolutely stunning. I have to admit to wondering why the pattern is sort of like potato chips (or insert snack of choice here). I'm having trouble putting mine down and keep picking it up to "just" work one of those gazillion-stitch-long rows.


Very pretty. I love knitting shawls, but its the wearing of them that I have problems with. Are you wearing this one?


It's beautiful. I am going to have to check and see if I have that pattern in the pattern stash.


Beautiful, just beautiful! I can't believe how fast you knit shawls!

Beth S.

I wish I could have seen this one in person at Spa! The pictures are glorious, but I know that the reality must be ten times as good.

And on a related note, how much fun is it to say "Kim and Mim"? :-) :-) :-)

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