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Winter is for chocolate. I eat far more in the winter than any other month. That chocolate SOUNDS LIKE HEAVEN. (I always let the chocolate melt on my tongue.) Love Kim's yarn and I keep looking at LStB...of course, I knew you had it in stash. Good sock!
I have on red socks, a poem ready for tomorrow, and I miss the writers, too!
Thank goodness Survivor starts soon.


Not to be an enabler, but . . . have you tried the dark chocolate covered caramels with sea salt at Trader Joe's. Chocorgasmic!


Carmels...I love carmels and chocolate.
Sock knitting is soothing, like chocolate.


Oh,ohohohohohohohohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that chocolate experience sounds divine. Must try.

Cheryl S.

Jeez - I forgot about it being Wear Red day. But fortunately, I wore red anyway! But I may have to call you the "B" word if you keep waving all of that yummy chocolate in front of us.


I enjoyed Eli Stone last night too! It's been awhile since I've seen a LOL funny show. Love the sock you're knitting. Beautiful yarn. Excuse me while I go hunting around my kitchen for some chocolate now....

Marcia Cooke

I know what you mean about the writer's strike. I am now madly in love with Caesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer. And watching reruns of Home Improvement, or some of those hysterical shows on BBCA. But I have to agree, Eli Stone was good! Do not tempt me with that chocolate, you evil thing!


Chocolate is one of the major food groups for me. Just remember - isoflavinoids.

I work on a labor and delivery floor, and since our patients aren't really supposed to give gifts to any one nurse, they leave us chocolate - Godiva, Lindt, whatever. It's all good, and gets me through the night. Nothing like a 3 am chocolate craving.


Darn you! I just finished my chocolate quota for the day, and now I must have more! I made a trip to one of our local chocolate shops today and I was hoping to stager myself and make it last :) Oh well it's Friday night - party on.


Thanks, thanks so much. Now I have to go eat a ton of thin mints to ease the craving. I rarely try the distract-myself-with-substitutes thing, as i KNOW I have no will power and will eat the chocolate in the end. I just can't buy it.


Sigh....George Michael and Chocolate....both are favorites of mine. I LOVE those chocolates that beg to be savored.....mmmmm!


I wore a red sweater today. And geez, chocolate. I've been so good, did you have to bring this up? itchy gitchy ya ya

alpaca kath

Did you see Ballotin (an amazing chocolate "boutique" in Newburyport) on the cover of the Sunday Globe Magazine last week? Cool, eh? Shop Local...I do, I do!

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