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Tina stole the stage! Beyonce can't even sing!
Amy Winehouse is my kinda grrl, at least she doesn't need to be totally perfect and she was stunned to win, too. Herbie...man oh man, it was the best moment when he one over all the others. It just goes to show that good music is here to stay.
Seraphim is such a great shawl...love it in that color!!


The expression on Amy Winehouse's face when she won was fantastic. And I LOVE Up on Cripple Creek!


Wow, Kim's yarn is beautiful! It doesn't look like laceweight at all -- looks more substantial. How long before you get to the actual lace parts??


Morris Day was THE BOMB! Best part of the night for sure. I danced so hard I thought I was gonna go into labor!


That yarn is breathtaking!


That is going to be a stunning shawl!


Oooo - another Seraphim. I'm working on that right now too as a side project. (You know.... to the "main" projects. However many those are.)


I was SO bummed that I missed the first half of the grammy's before I realized they were on....grrr....I CAN'T believe I missed Jungle Love...I so LOVED that song back in the 80's!!
...and Prince...well, I thought he was slimy back in the day, but now I look back and just love his music!

Your shawl looks lovely!


Missed the Grammys, so can't comment on that, but I love that yarn. It doesn't look like lace, and I would kill for that colorway!


Tina Turner gives me hope -- I actually yelled approving and supportive comments to the TV.


Can you believe Prince is gonna be 50 this year?? I guess 50 really is the new 30, lol! I had such a ridiculous crush on that man in the Purple Rain era...shexy!

I didn't watch the Grammy's and I'm sorry I missed Morris Day plus I would had loved to have heard "The Weight" - one of my favorite songs of all time!

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