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I'm almost done with my silk garden scarf. In the beginning it felt like it was going so fast but now - ugh!
Oh, and I ordered more tea yesterday.


Both, I expect.


You'll finish something. Then cast on.


I would like you to put your projects on Ravelry...not just the stash and tell me what color of Kim's yarn your using for Seraphim...and then finish something already!


Yes! What Margene said. Put your projects on Ravelry. All of them, the done and not done. Inspiration for all.


I have to agree with Margene and Karen. If we all nag you enough, will you do it?


Just to keep things in order: I'm going to have to agree with Margene, Karen, and Karen :)

and I love that sock! Finish the socks :)


ANOTHER ROGUE??? I'm so jealous. We won't even go into the ANOTHER SILK GARDEN SCARF? routine. Hee. But I swear my hypothesis is right: Pick up ANY TWO colorways of S.G. and you've made the right choice. Sorry for all the shouting. I've had a lot of chocolate. :)


Do you have to show your own WIPs on Random Wednesdays? ;) I always find it hard to finish when I have lots of WIPs so I really really force myself to have only 2 or 3 at the most...okay maybe 4 but no more than 5! I love love all of your WIPs.

Jen Sirois

The scarf and socks are beautiful! If I were you, I wouldn't be able to put down those socks!!

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