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Marcia Cooke

While I agree, and think some of these people look ridiculous, and while I'm too cheap and lazy to color my gray hair, I am suddenly looking in the mirror and seeing my mother. When she was a good ten years older than I am now. Eeek. Unfortunately, Botox isn't going to do it and I am a coward where surgery is concerned, but I'm beginning to Have Thoughts. And, yes, I do go out less often!


Recently I have heard commercials on the radio for a local plastic surgeon who will do surgery and finance it too. Did you hear about the 16 year old girl who died during elective plastic surgery? It saddens me that there are girls who want surgery for their 16th birthday. It sickens me that their parents say yes and that the surgeon will do it. I guess you can tell where my opinion falls on this topic;)


Recently I have heard commercials on the radio for a local plastic surgeon who will do surgery and finance it too. Did you hear about the 16 year old girl who died during elective plastic surgery? It saddens me that there are girls who want surgery for their 16th birthday. It sickens me that their parents say yes and that the surgeon will do it. I guess you can tell where my opinion falls on this topic;)


Not offended here. I occasionally think about the boobs, too. Then I remind myself that carrying them around all the time would be tiring and I got back to knitting. ;^)


There are no easy fixes. Being happy with what we have is the key. Ask me how I feel about this in another 10 years, though, okay?


Poor Meg Ryan - she was so gorgeous and now she just looks weird. I think like so many other things, this is a deeply personal choice, but it does seem like more and more are choosing it, some odd keeping up with the neighbors vibe. I like to think I'll still be comfortable in my body whatever the form in 10-15 years, but god knows it gets harder each year.


My tendency is to rub my winkled, saggy old face in everyone else's. I'll not stop doing what I want to do and if you don't want to look at me then you don't have to.
I will say I've seen good surgeries and some fixes are needed (floppy eyelids that obscure vision, for one)...but overall it's just crazy.


It's funny how in many ways I have come full (half?) circle on this, and in the opposite direction that you might think. Maybe, like Carole says, in 10 years I'll feel differently about it again, but amazingly when I was younger, I thought I'd be ALL FOR IT (it being plastic surgery and not aging gracefully). Maybe it's a function of living in Vermont where thankfully those values have not yet trickled in (much), or maybe it's just me being comfortable with me, and being fortunate in that I am aging fairly well -- because I will be honest that the words have falling out of my mouth, and even my husband's on more than one occasion-- "I ran into so-and-so, and HASN'T SHE AGED!????" etc. I dunno. It's a hard one.

I definitely HATE seeing those taut distorted, pulled-back features of men and women on TV. They are almost freakish. But then again, a few of them have been what I call "real successes." Very few.

(your posts are always so very thought-provoking!)


Now, I have to admit that I have seriously considered getting rid of the boobs...but the wrinkles, I earned each one :-)


I can't ever see us having enough discretionary income (thanks to many more college tuitions and weddings!!!) for me to even think about cosmetic surgery! So I will age gracefully along with you!


I'll do anything to stay youthful looking EXCEPT see a plastic surgeon. Even those 'medical spas' scare me. If sunscreen, sleep, decent food, and exercise doesn't fix it, forget it.

As far as the famous go, I'm so glad my income doesn't depend on my looking 20 years old and a starvation victim. Yikes!


I'm with you 100% I try to enhance what I have, hide what I have but wish I didn't, and eat healthy and work out to maintain it all. It gets harder and works less every year, but at least it's natural.


Feel free to come visit me Terry, I'll never judge and believe my, you'll see my wrinkles cause there is NO WAY I would ever do it. They don't look "great" they look fixed and alien. I'll take wrinkled and saggy over fixed and alien.

And just so you know, you kindness and humanity show in your smile and your face, never change a thing kid :)


Looks like there will be plenty of us doing it naturally.

Jen in CT

I agree. People in general and women in particular are no longer allowed to age gracefully. Which is too bad, really. And please stop wishing for big boobs. I have big boobs, and they're not all they're cracked up to be.


I will never. Never ever. I may have to have my eyelids done at some point so that I can see, though.

Interesting post, T!


I ain't had nuthin done and won't. Except dye my hair as it transitions from color to white. What I look like is what I look like. If that loses me friends, well, I guess they weren't really friends, were they? I think you look wonderful just as you are and applaud your choice of vacation, Golding, and furniture over enhanced boobs. The world is full enough of big boobs, like those in the White House.


i've known two girls, who, for high school graduation presents, got breasts implants. the thought honestly chills me.

Cheryl S.

I agree with you - I could have written your post myself. Fortunately, I think I have good genes - both of my parents look fantastic for their age, as do most of the people in my family. I still feel a bit depressed when I see the signs of aging in myself, but I just can't see myself having Botox or surgery (and certainly not breast implants). I can't get the image out of my mind of a corpse in a coffin, all rotted away except for the plastic boobs. :-)

Beth S.

I'm in the grow-old-gracefully camp. I'm not injecting any toxins (toxins!!! what are people thinking?) into my face! Ugh.

I might henna my hair one day to change the greys into fabulous red highlights, though. That sounds like fun. ;-)


thanks so much for sharing your opinions...i really appreciated your aplomb!


I'm pro-choice in this area, and I'd hate to see people feeling pressured in either direction. When I was very young I thought I'd age gracefully, and when I was a bit older I thought I'd fight every step of the way. Now that I am undeniably aging I've swung back to my original plan -- there are so many things more important, and there are risks involved (both health risks and turning out freakish-looking), I'm not going there. Besides, Grant and I always planned to grow old together.

As soon as my hair goes mostly gray, though, I'm definitely dyeing it. I'm thinking the Emerald Isle colorway would be nice. (Do you suppose Amy would do hair if I asked her really really nicely?)


as i get older, i think less about what i look like and more about what i feel like. but like carole, maybe i'll feel differently when the face i see in the mirror becomes unrecognizable.


One of the plastics guys estimated that 1% of the population engages in plastic surgery. Even if he is wrong by 100%, and it's 2%, it still isn't much.

Lifestyle can go a distance towards graceful aging. Not smoking goes without saying. Staying out of the sun is critical. Appropriate weight helps. Alas, the thinner ones show age faster in the face.

No plastic surgery (except maybe boobs) lasts indefinitely. The surgeons say you get 5-10 years out of a facelift. If the skin texture sucks because of years of sun exposure, then it is mostly wrinkles that are lifted, and sagging, but the texture gives away the story. Even boobs have a ~15% reoperation rate for scars, rupture, etc.

No procedure is risk free. Anesthetic drugs have significant side effects, and I suspect we have only begun to investigate some of the more sobering ones.

I was absolutely sure when I was younger, that I would never do it. As I age, I wonder about a little something here or there. Then I snap back to rational thinking, and trust that my husband will love me as I am, as time goes on.


I have to comment again. I so agree w/ the big boob thing: they are not all they are cracked up to be!!

Also, altho once in awhile I am a bit surprised and chagrined to see this older lady looking back at me from the mirror, for the most part I am rather curious to see how I will age. The fact is I am getting older and since I actually enjoy the increased self-confidence and sense of adventure that has come with maturity (!), I think I should ultimately like the person -- even physically -- that I will become!

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