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I really like the Ten on Tuesday thing so I hope you keep it. I've been drinking Welch's purple grape juice over ice. Yum!


I love the Harney Organic Green. It smells like working in the garden and makes me feel happy! And once in a while I get a taste for a really good, dark hot cocoa -- preferably made from scratch. But I love water best of all!


Excellent list. Glad you like that orange chocolate tea. I just had a square of a Mo's Bacon Bar and thought of you!


Hot Cinnamon Spice for me in my new Adagio infusing teapot :-)

Sigh..........look at those green plants. I wonder if it will ever be green here again.

Cheryl S.

I use Tazo Zen at home for iced tea. I rarely go to $tarbucks, so I'm confused by the "order it without water" thing.


I found a fabulous Chinese tea at the Tea Grotto. It's so good and sweet. I need to get the exact name for you. No milk or sugar for me, either. You've taught me so much about tea and now I'm hooked on Starbucks Green Tea Lattes (if I go to Starbucks which isn't often). ;-)


Wow. I don't think I could list 10 favorite drinks. I never thought about it 'til you mentioned it....but I really don't drink 10 things that I would call "favorites." I shall have to ponder this more.


Hmmm, I haven't tried the Green Tea Latte at Starbucks- I'm stuck on the Chai Tea Latte. I'll definitely try it next time. :)


I only drink 2 things regularly -- water and iced coffee. But, you've inspired me to branch out into teas. I have been drinking some Harney winter white earl grey, and 2 Revolution teas (honeybush caramel and a white tangerine) recently and enjoying them...

Beth S.

They make chocolate-dipped-orange tea?... Why did I not know about this? :-)

Here's a delicious but very simple drink: ginger ale on the rocks with a teeny little splash of Chambord. And I mean teeny: just enough to make the ginger ale blush. There's something about the combination of these flavors... it almost tastes vanilla-ish. (And it's nothing at all like commercial raspberry ginger ale. Completely different flavor.)

Now, this won't get you buzzed. For that you have to add gin. ;-)


The waiter should closely resemble George Clooney.


You are definitely a healthy role model!! I love the POM iced teas, and you get a glass to take home with you, too. I agree about no milk, no sugar... teas should be able to stand up to drinking as they bloom out once the hot water is added, if you ask me (but then you didn't!).

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