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Boob fix. If I had my life to do again. yes! Down. I don't even remember an A bra, somewhere during in summer between 6th and 7th grade. Talk about a millstone around the neck. I've had people wonder if I had surgery to get what nature gave me, nope.
But the thing I have seriously given thought of going under the knife for is (okay it is strange thought for most of you) ANKLES.
Since 8th grade my ankles have looked like they are swollen. Nope, I'll let you know when they are swollen...that is not a pretty sight.
I have the merest hint of a bump of an ankle bone.


I think learning to love ourselves as we are is the key to being happy. Well, that and knitting, of course.


If I could afford it I'd have a breast reduction! But, the other stuff is a no go no matter how craggy I become. Loving yourself is the meaning of life. It's all there is to happiness.


I was gonna respond to Cindi's comment with your exact line of thinking. We need to loves OURSELVES as we are, warts and all, not look for validation from another. I agree with Carole and Margene, embrace who you are and enjoy every minute :)


I love Laurie's last comment. I am fortunate to have a husband who I trust will feel the same way as we age together. Knowing Pete...I think you do as well :-)


I had a shock not long ago when I realized that I'm not "the hot girl" anymore while out in Boston with my little sister (a gorgeous 24 year old who can move on the dance floor like nothing else you have ever seen) and that I am in fact...aging. I was horribly bothered for a few days, esp. after seeing pictures, but have come back to my senses. This body gave me two beautiful babies and has seen and done so many things. I am on a quest for better health and renewed energy, but to be a size 3 again? meh. As for plastic surgery? I have a lovely little pouch under my chin which causes me to cut my head off in every blog picture, but go under the knife for it? Not on your life.


...I also think about what kind of example I'd be setting for my kids. If I SAY that what matters most is on the inside but was totally messin' with my own outside. And not loving myself because of the way I look? I've got problems with self-esteem and confidence from time-to-time, and I wish I was thinner and had curly hair and nicer hips and butt and arms and legs (I do best when I don't compare myself to others), but those are never the things that make me truly feel badly about myself -- to-the-core bad.

Cheryl S.

Gah! Cindy Jackson reminds me of "The Life and Loves of a She-Devil". The excellent book - not the godawful Meryl Streep movie. Though the British TV miniseries was very good.


when i think of what i looked like when i was younger, it's rarely with regret since i've never been considered all that pretty anyway. it's not like i had a great body either. so now that i'm older, what i look like just doesn't seem to matter to me all that much (although it is true that i still don't like pictures of myself.)

my looks were never something i counted on (as long as i don't scare children), so as long as all of my parts are there and working properly, i'm not fretting too much. on the other hand, having to wear glasses to read or knit now is BUGGING THE CRAP OUT OF ME! if i could go back to wearing my contacts to fix my nearsightedness without having to wear glasses to read, i would jump on it!


I read an interesting thing in a romance novel, of all things: you're going to look whatever age you were when you first had surgery. So if you want to look 35 for the rest of your life, have your first facelift done at 35, even though you don't really need it, and then go back every 5 years. If you wait until you look like you need it, it's too late.

Now, the source where I read this is hardly authoritative (all right, I know everyone wants to know: Scruples Two, I eat the occasional twinkie, so sue me), but it's a fascinating tidbit, and it makes sense to me.

I had the same thought when I read Laurie's comment: it's mostly about loving ourselves, and secondarily about how others see us. I get beakier with every passing year -- if I live long enough my nose and chin will meet -- but I don't mind, and Grant doesn't seem to either.


Amen to Carole! I so agree! And thank you, Terry for the very nice words!


My solution to this situation is brilliant: get a wee bit blinder every year. I always think I look great because I can't see the wrinkles. YEAH!


At some point I will have to have an eyelid lift. This will happen when the time comes that I have trouble seeing anything through the lids, as happened to both my mom and my dad, two of the least vain people I have ever met. (My mother has never in her life worn make-up, other than lipstick, and is a beautiful woman with few wrinkles at age 75, maybe because of her clean skin...). I have already been to an eyesurgeon/plastic surgeon to talk about what the future holds, and feel fortunate that he is as conservative about this whole thing as I am. I find it funny how many of my friends are jealous of my droopy eyelids, because they will "need" to be taken care of, while I prefer the idea of aging gracefully, but am the one who will have to consider surgery.


I think that things that are bad for you will always be seductive: naughty men, too much booze, and plastic surgery. They all speak to the weaknesses in our hearts.


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