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i use ravelry like you do. it doesn't replace blogging for me. on the other hand, don't ask me about flickr.


I love lists for all the reasons you listed. Knit the tea cozy...it will put you in the frame of mind to do something bigger.
I do think Ravelry is having an impact on blogs. Many people have given up or blog very (VERY) infrequently. It's sad, really. Ravelry works best in conjunction to blogs.


I use Ravelry the way you do. I do poke into the forums but for interests other than knitting. I do think there is an overall impact on blogs. There is also an explosion of people on Ravelry who would never have had a blog and we get to share their knitting when otherwise we would not have.
Please knit the tea cozy. It is so cute and just the right project to jump back into knitting for yourself.
Suggestions for your list: Favorite FOs ever, Biggest knitting regrets (things you haven't knit, things that didn't work out...).


You took the words out of my mouth. I've noticed a slow and steady decline in my reader stats lately. I don't think my blog has changed much. I have been wondering if more people are using Ravelry instead. I've been hoping that blogs don't die a slow death because I've really enjoyed my life as a blogger.


I find Ravelry all kinds of useful, but no, I can't see that replacing blogs. They're completely different animals, so far as I'm concerned. Ravelry is a social network, but blogging is more personal. I very much enjoy both!


I am at the same place as you w/r/t knitting. I finished some pieces that were for-profit knitting (a class sample and a design for a publication), and now I can't figure out what to knit next. Although I'm even more stuck, b/c I feel like I have to knit only my own designs.


I still intend to blog, for all the reasons you cite. I also tend to use Ravelry as you do. The drama of the forums is too much for my blood. I get drama...the real thing...at work. That's enough.

I think the time issue is a real one. If you are Ravel'd every day, you are spending less time reading blogs. I've thought about it, wondering if I had a threshold, and then realized that I would use blogging like many do, to keep up to date with my in person and my internet knitbuds.

Marcia Cooke

I don't use Ravelry as much as some (ain't no way y'all are going to see MY stash!) and while I do read some of the group forums there are groups I belong to (cute banners) that I never read. BTW, I think if you go to your project list, you can "edit" the WIP to become an FO. I did that today with my baby blanket!

Great photos!


I use Ravelry for pattern and yarn searches, but that's about it. Life's too short for all that drama and nonsense.

How lists of favorite things? Pets, shops, you could do pretty much anything. Then follow up with the matching hate list. Just a thought.


Actually I am deep in the throes of deciding whether I want to continue blogging or not. I'm really involved with the Sock Knitters Anonymous Group on Rav but that's a low drama, fun group but other than that I don't get too involved in the forums.

I just keep thinking maybe I've said all I have to say on my blog which was 99% about knitting and Pumpkin anyway....::sigh::


1. While there is overlap, I think blogs serve a completely different purpose than Ravelry. For example, this blog entry is not something you would post on one of the forums, even if you used the forums.

2. I completely agree that Ravelry's database function is a fabulous resource.

3. I think knitblogging is taking a nosedive for other reasons too....like there are so many of us now. Impossible to keep up. And getting harder to say the same things in original ways.

4. And I like this listing format. Hmm...coming soon to a blog near you. :)


I'm loving Ravelry, it's a huge time suck, but I still love the blogs. The two don't compare in my opinion, but I am noticing a decline in my stats, and some of the blogs I read have died off, sadly.


My Bloglines list is insane for a number of reasons, and certainly I can not and do not read everyone on my list everyday. Because of that, the "unreads" tend to pile up and it becomes very easy to see who has NOT posted. I recently took some time to check them out and trimmed nearly 100 blogs from the list -- almost all because they are simply not blogging anymore.

I use and love and hate Ravelry in exactly the same ways you do. I only ever go there with a purpose because I know what a time suck it could be. I don't want that, don't need that.

I, too, think that there are SO MANY blogs, it is hard to keep up, easy to get lost... I feel like a number. Well, you know, the cozy little neighborhood where everyone knew your name (CHEERS!) has long been swallowed up. It's good... and bad.


Lately, I only use Ravelry to dream. I don't have my stash on there and I don't document my projects on there (gave that up REAL fast) and I have maybe perused the forums once or twice. Having been burned in forum life before, you won't seem me there at all.

I love my blog and I love blogs and I really do think that Ravelry has affected the blog world. And not in the good way.


I feel the same way as you about how Ravelry has affected blogging and blogs. I too use Ravelry more as a resource than a way of keeping up with my knitbuds.

I can smell those hyacinths from here- nice pics.


I really don't use Ravelry at all. I love my blog and I love blogging. I'm with Cara in feeling that Rav has affected blogging and not in the good way. It may be that it will be like snowboarding is to skiing up here in Vermont -- only the old fogies ski anymore. I'm sad about that, but if I become a dinosaur talking into air by myself, at the moment, I don't think that will change anything about the way I blog. However, I guess it is possible I could lose the will to blog if nobody's reading.


For me, blogging is so much more personal than ravelry. Blogs are a slice of life at any given moment...and personally I enjoy blogs more.

I tend to look at Ravelry more as an encylopedia....lots of fabulous information right at your fingertips, but not quite as personal.

I can live without all of the nasty drama though on some of the different Ravelry forums. Life is too short for that :)

Imelda / GreenishLady

I haven't encountered Ravelry. Probably because my knitting life is very, very slow. Knitting doesn't feature on my blog. I 've mentioned crochet from time to time, but not knitting. I think my poetry is your knitting, perhaps. Loved this post. If I numbered each of these sentences, there would be quite a little list here. Make a list of lists. That's usually interesting.


I, too, (as many above had said) use Ravelry to do pattern searches, and catalog my projects in a concise way - but it'll never replace my blog (which I consider more of a journal than a knitting catalog.)
PLease keep blogging. I enjoy reading - and the bullets/lists are fun too.

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