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That Spunky fiber is very nice. You had a beautiful shawl on at the fair. I was in the Ball and Skein Booth when you were but was too shy to speak up.

You did have some good enablers. I have seen Marcy, Laurie and Manise in action at last years festival.


I predict you'll be good. Until Rhinebeck. heh.


It's tough once you get going. That credit card gets warmed up and it's all over!
LOVE your spinning. From afar. (Like I said to Margene)


OMG That Spunky fiber would be worth breaking all rules to spin.
The mission statement is perfect. I wonder if I can follow it, too.


What?? Me? Not true, and you know it. I am not an enabler.


I think I resemble that. In all ways possible. Can I point out the TKGA to you? Yarn = fiber. Oh yes, and the Fiber Revival. Arms' distance from me, yes, very safe, I'm sure.


It's always good to have a plan. Looking forward to seeing all the newly made yarns :)

Marcia  Cooke

What about the education part of this...going to join us and take that class at Rhinebeck?


Not really an "enabler" per se, more of a "suggester" (if that's even a word). Your plan is great. My excesses have caught up with me. I'm on a full-on yarn/diet/EVERYTHING fast not to be broken until TKGA. A whole six weeks -- sad, I know, but it's a start. :-)


didn't i have a hand in helping you with that spunky nova scotia? i think so.

you didn't get the swamp monster?


Those are some serious enablers you've got on the payroll, lady!


Ok...first I am going to say that I will be happy to take that Spunky fiber off of your hands...LOVE it.

Second.....I will spin with you 15 minutes a day 5 days a week, starting right after I get off of the computer. Maybe I can whittle my stash down as well :-)


Moi? Enabler? You got it sister and unfortunately I also buy from under your nose too- NHS&W in Barb Parry's booth ahem....... I agree with your mission statement completely. I've entered a pact with Kathy- complete yarn/fiber fast until TKGA. A serious dent needs to be made in the fiber stash! In fact I just spun up almost an ounce on my new Ledbetter spindle of the very same fiber that you have on your wheel- why oh why did I not buy more than an ounce bag of it???


Hee-hee, more left for me!!!

(TGKA? What is this event I do not know? Or can't remember before I've had my tea this morning?)

A comment on #3: So, is that only one project on EACH spindle? How many spindles do you have? Can we have another contest? I guess 23. Or 37. Definitely no more than 51.


I will take that part 1 of your pledge.. and work on the rest. The part about having only two projects going, umm..right. Besides, it is a good thing to have sampled on my spindles ahead of time so that I can be thinking about what to do next.



Laughing my ass off over here.

In a loving way, of course.


So, have you pre-drafted the Spunky BFL yet? I know you have.

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