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Bare toes...bare toes are my favorite summer thing.


My favorite thing about summer is long lazy days at the beach with nothing to do but knit. Or maybe it's the martinis on the deck after a day at the beach. Or maybe it's the long summer evenings. Nope, it's definitely the beach.


Ahhh, the toes in the sand are killing me! We just got back from a glorious week at the beach where I did nothing but loll in the sand and surf with kids and husband. Perfect. That's my favorite thing about summer- time with family. :)


Flip flops! And summer skirts. Restaurants with patios. Double points if they are on a beach. And mid-to-high-70's. Anything above that makes me crabby!

Cindy in Happy Valley

Hiking the wonderful trails in Central and north-Central PA, or watching the sun set over Lake Perez, driving home and throwing two steaks on the grill, while relaxing with a glass of sangria.


I'm a school principal - June is the most frenetic month of the year that includes the good (graduation, award ceremonies, concerts, faculty vs. students athletic events, etc.), the bad (deadlines, deadlines, and more deadlines for exhaustive district and state reports), and the ugly (18-20 hour days). Not a whine - I absloutely love my job - it's just the way it is.

Your feet in the sand gave me the push I desperately need to "finish up" this month. We just buried my dad last week so I needed some extra energy. On our first full day of vacation next week, I'll take my watch off for the entire summer and head for the beach (5 minute car ride). We pack sunscreen,a cooler to last from 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM, and books. We sleep, eat, read, and wiggle our toes in the sand...and if we can muster any energy we'll swim and take a nice long walk along the shore. Future vacation days (my husband has the same job in the same district as I do)include biking, kayaking, digging clams for our dinner, and sharing our seaside life with many friends and family.

Thanks so much for inspiring me to finish the dreaded paperwork that still awaits me! I printed the picture of your toes in the sand and posted it everywhere to help me remember that better days are just around the corner! Happy summer, everyone!


Flip flops!!!!


Favorite summer memory: cruising the streets of the hometown as a teen, in a hot car that my parents were dumb enough to buy for the kids, looking for friends and the next gathering. It was hot, steamy, a beach town, and gas was cheap.


My favorite..... a nice warm breezy day at the beach with a book, listening to the gulls and buoys, before the tourist season starts :-)

What workshop are you going to?


I loved spending long days at a local beach w/my girls when they were little. This summer I will be going w/one daughter and her two kids. I will bring books and knitting, but I know I'll play w/my grand-daughter most of the time. I can't wait!


The best part of summer is walking in (yes, in) a beautiful river chasing dragonflies. Finding cardinal flower and mergansers and rubyspot damselflies and rippling water, with the good company of like-minded nuts. Followed by ice cream. A perfect summer day.

So, what are you doing at Harrisville? You haven't been bitten by the weaving bug, have you?


I spent every summer (from last day of school to the first day of school) at Rand Pond Campground in Goshen, NH (back side of Sunapee). My favorite memories are of Friday nights, waiting anxiously for my dad to pull into the campground in his gray Ford F150... with our two dogs. He'd slow down so we could jump up on the gate to ride up to the site. He'd get out, hug us kids, kiss my mom (and kiss... my parents were the make-out kind) and we'd have dinner and he'd ask about our days. Since my dad's been sick, I try to remember all those summer days with him... Waking up early to go fishing. Him teaching me to paddle the canoe. The look on his face when I was the youngest girl to ever swim across the lake unassisted. He spent hours in the pond with us, swimming, lifting us up on his hands so we could do backflips. My dad was an excellent launching pad. :) I remember how well the three of us kids got along during those summers. Now, I know how many hours of overtime, how much scrimping, why my mom work at the campground... all that went into making those the best summers of our lives. Dan and I have talked about buying a trailer, putting it on a campsite for the season... having our own little piece of heaven.


My favorite thing about summer now is... that it's summer NOW! (Finally.) Yay!!


Love summer, more work pressure--farming, great fireworks, fantastic drum & bugle corps at least once a summer. Lightning bugs. Tomatoes, sweet corn......


Drive-in movies with my kids. Drive-up ice cream shops where you eat your ice cream outside on the benches with the buzz of the lights as background. Summer storms and the smell of hot wet concrete (I'm a towngirl). And now that I live in the country, we don't have it, but I remember the thrill of hearing the bell of the ice cream truck and how all the neighbor kids would race home to get change from their moms. Lightening bugs. Hopskotch. Cooling off with a garden hose and surprising others with a wet-down! The smell of suntan lotion. Popsicles - BLUE! Ohhh... you've brough up so many wonderful memories and ideas! thanks. I can't wait to get home to do some of them TODAY!


Warmth. I swear that I am cold from mid Oct. to May. I love the feeling a sunshine on my face(but not the sunburn!)

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