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Marcia  Cooke

Woodchucks are vile. I found some repellent at my local garden center that is organic and "food safe" and it seems to be working. With the herbs, they like to be kept cut back...shouldn't let them flower for best results. Just hack 'em back! Another idea: get a couple of bales of salt hay and mulch the heck out of the big garden to cut down on weeds and watering. Looking good!


There is more good than bad happening in the garden. Your thyme (my favorite) is enviable!!


Just grit your teeth and thin the beets, mesclun, and radishes. Think of it as growing great compost...or maybe you can eat them in salads as sprouts.

Woodchucks are a real pain.


i'm going to need to thin out the mesclun. so far, critters have been uninterested. but i think it's because we have so many weeds and grass and such in the yard that they haven't even gotten far enough to check out the produce.

i also don't think i've got woodchucks. just bunnies and squirrels.


We have critters too. Stupid things. And smelly after eating the raw broccoli :-)


Damn those critters. I was just saying to hubbo today, we are very lucky not to have to fight the deer and rabbits and woodchucks. Knock on freakin' WOOD. But your tomatoes and squash look fabulous!!! And yes, you need to thin out that mesclun and radishes. You can wait a little bit 'til the mesclun gets looking like the baby salad mix you might get in a restaurant or the store, and thin it then, and eat the thinnings. Same thing with the beets. And you can do the thinning sort of sequentially, eventually you want your beets to be about 3 inches apart, but in the meantime, you can take out little ones and eat them as greens.

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