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Gardening is a learning curve like knitting and spinning.

Three things: Soil. Water. Sun.

Soil needs to be fertile. Not clay, not sand, something in between. Water. Not too much and not too little. That's an experience thing. Sun. At least six hours of full sun daily for what you are growing. Easy.


Ga? Really? You sure you don't have more to say?


Laurie knows. Make sure you keep us up to date on how Terry's garden grows. I'd love to see the seedlings.


Listen to Laurie. And when in doubt, ask Norma. That is all.

Marcia  Cooke

Listen to Laurie, ask Norma, and get a book!


The beets you will have to thin, but you can use the greens in salads. If you are worried about pulling up the neighboring beets during the thinning process you can use a wee pair of scissors to do the job. Call if you need help.


ha! you should see what my lettuce are looking like. i definitely have to thin. in fact i'm going to get another container so i can have even more lettuce!


My favorite of all garden books out there is The Victory Garden by Bob Thompson. It's an older book, so somethings have changed, but his information is great.

What I like best about it is he talks about individual plants from month to month and of course it is a New England garden :). I did a lot of lettuce reading this week :)


I planted a container of beets for the same exact reason as you did.

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