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That looks like one mean varmint! Can you call animal control to take them away (and get them out of everyone's hair)?


Oh, cripes. They'll probably be back.

I'm a lot like you: I really DO have a heart -- a big one. But I can totally understand your neighbor, too, and if they were eating up my garden, I'm not kidding: I'd be out there with a shotgun (well, if I owned a shotgun, that is). I would not be futzing around with a Hav-A-Heart trap, I'll tell you that. I can be heartless when it's necessary. :D


I have a heart, but I've also been in your position and seen all my hard work, vegetables and flowers both, get eaten by varmints just like the one in your pictures. I don't know if I could personally drown them, but I could sure dream about it.


Horrible creatures, those woodchucks. After seeing what the voles do to my garden, I think I understand why your neighbor feels the way she does. Push come to shove, I couldn't do it. But. My heart would have ambivalence in it.


I have a tough time with the drowning thing. It's not the killing part that bothers me, it's the method. It takes too long and they suffer. I haven't yet had a woodchuck destroy my garden, but I have had slugs take out my pumpkins and cantaloupe, a deer eat every blossom off my hydrangea, ants and birds eat my strawberries. So I understand. And no objections to making the varmints dead. But preferably via a bullet. Even a whomp over the head (properly done so it's instant) is kinder than drowning. Which is what I did the other day when I discovered a family of moles (voles?) living under my rabbit hutches.


In Mass relocating is illegal. And just so you know, Dale loves woodchuck hunting. Give him a call if they come back. :-)


I have a woodchuck problem, too. And I will never win the battle. I keep on tryin' tho!


We used to have trouble with them and tried every humane way of taking care of them. Then one day I saw hubby in the garden with a pitch fork aimed at one of them, but he couldn't do it. Instead he bombed their hole (guess it's easier if you don't see their little faces); he plugged it up like you're supposed to so that the poison would kill them. About a week later, he found one stumbling around in the woods in our back yard and felt terrible. Back to the Have-a-heart traps. The next one he found he took down across the river and next thing we knew, there were three teensy, tiny, babies with no mommy in our yard. It was so sad; they walked right up to our feet and looked at us. Hubby took them to the Center for Wildlife and we haven't had a garden since!


I can't tell you how many times we have relocated vermin. Cute, vermin.


you could just get some ether, put the ether and the varmints in a giant glass flask. put them to sleep. then give them enough of a shot of pentobarbital to put them to sleep forever.

yeah that's the only way i know how to kill rodents.


um...you know that odds are the next ones you catch will be the same ones, right? ;o)

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