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I just might do some planting on Saturday. That Norma not only makes you feel like a slacker, she makes you do something about it!


This is our second year without a garden because of the CSA but I did plant two containers of tomatoes for the deck. I think you're on to something great here!


Isn't it great when an along comes along that already fits into your life? That's precisely what happened with me and my veggie garden this year. I like your mom's approach, probably because that's exactly what I do.


Looking good! And it is good idea to mix various veggies, flowers and herbs in together. Companion planting is a beneficial thing. I do it my raised beds with proven success.


I watered yesterday after a frenetic day at work, and I re-found the relaxation. Weeded for 60 seconds, a little bit less. Made plans to garden this weekend to at least keep it looking good. The flowers are going to town without me.


Of all the things I noticed... you have a TENNIS COURT? Girl, I'm coming over! NH is a short drive from MA. :)


You did it! YAY!!! Now tell me, what lettuce does Norma recommend for summer? My lettuce is growing good, but I do want to plant every few weeks so that we have lettuce all summer.

BTW...it looks great in that little corner!


WOW! It looks fabulous! Everything looks wonderful, and I think it'll do beautifully. The only concern I have is that the squash might crowd out some things, but that is a small problem, and it might not even happen. You'll be so thrilled, you might even cook! Hee.


The garden pictures look great. I wish I spent more time working in my garden. Maybe you'll be the inspiration! Enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Looks good! John has put in a garden next to our barn -- the first veggie garden we have had in more than 20 years! He has even named the first little green tomato that has appeared: Bob!


That Norma is a terrible influence.


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