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Guess it's futile to say "Enjoy your day."?
I had to do a job twice yesterday. At least the equipment is good...it's the agent that sucks (he won't proofread).


Gee, your #10 and my #1 are the same. I'm sensing a theme here.


if it weren't annoying it wouldn't be call work. it would be call fun.


You really did play it safe on that one. Nothing to offend anyone, no gossip.

1. People who have no idea what medicines they are on, what dose, or sometimes, even why they have to take them.
2. Hypertensives (25% of the population) who can't tell you what their BP normally runs. So we'll leave this to chance, eh?
3. People who say to me, "There aren't any risks with anesthesia, right?" Usually the person asking that is 55, hasn't exercised since high school, fits the descriptors of #1 and #2, has diabetes also, asthma, and reflux. Oh yeah, and they haven't told their doc about the chest pain they started having when they climb half a flight of stairs. "There's no risk, right?"

I'm not making ANY of this up and I'd better stop here.


Whoa. So, like, you don't like your job?

Hehe. ;)

What do you do? Now I'm totally curious...

Beth S.

#4 would be the one to drive me right over the edge. Ugh!

but I think we can all relate to #10. ;-)

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