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Electricity...instead of sleeping we can read, knit or watch TV.
You crack me up.


What Margene said. Central heating is good too.


As someone who goes back in time occasionally I think there are two great inventions of our times. One is indoor plumbing and the other is aluminum foil.


i like your spin on it. i wasn't going to do this 10 on tuesday, but now i will.


Love the off center take on this, as usual. I think indoor plumbing. Changed our lives by controlling lots of diseases.


The mechanical pencil! No more sharpening, just breaking of leads at inopportune times :-)


Yeah Google!! I just heard that Google is causing us to be stupid. We let Google do all our thinking. (But I LOVE Google!) It's probably just another way to cut into our creative writing by letting Google work for us. Heck - we can even Google thank you note samples and penmanship lessons so we can learn how to write our very own thank you notes.

; )


That's odd. We were just commenting at lunch at work yesterday that we were really, really glad for having toilet paper. I think we were discussing the cleaning habits of cats at the time. I don't think non-biologists should ever have lunch with us.


Birth control!


Good ones! I went a completely different way on mine, but I like yours, except that I remain agnostic about credit cards.

How about disposable diapers? Oh, and the washing machine, the one we no longer need to wash diapers in.

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