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All of the above...it's truly amazing the changes that have happened and I'm sure many more will before I'm dead and gone.


I especially love #10!


Nice list.

Carbon paper. How do you explain that to the younger generation? *L*

Imelda / GreenishLady

Ice-cream all year round. I'm not sure when that changed but when I was young, the first ice-cream of the year became available on St. Patrick's Day.


Records! And record-players with diamond needles that your kids could ruin when you weren't paying attention.


ha! your list is a lot like mine. i forgot about AIDS. how could i forget!

and remember the mimeograph machine? and the smell?


You AND your ever-helpful commenters are making me feel old.


I remember all those things. Dial phones that weighed a ton. Neighborhoods where all the kids roamed freely until dinnertime, playing mass group games of kick the can. 45s and 78s. Walking my own self to school every single day after the first day of first grade, (almost) regardless of weather. Fish sticks on Fridays in my public school cafeteria.

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