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Congratulations to the newly-employed graduate!! (And why on earth do you need to organize a closet in order to host a party? )


I get all stressed when we have parties, too. And then I wind up not enjoying myself. I'm trying hard not to be a perfectionist about this stuff because, really, people don't care what my house looks like, they just care about being together. Well, and the food. But I don't usually stress about the food. I hope you have a fabulous time today - the weather is perfect - congrats to Gillian!


Gillian got a job already?! Wow! That girl moves fast!

And you definitely do not need to organize a closet before a party. You do, however, have to predraft enough fiber to calm your nerves. Remember your priorities!


I do tend to get stressed before a party and sometimes do ridiculous things, but then it happens and the BIG THING that I just had to do didn't get done and... guess what? Everyone (self included) has a GREAT TIME ANYWAY!!

I hope you do!!


Yay for Gillian! That's great! Selfishly, maybe this means I'll see you soon?


Congrats to Gillian, and to shoveling the s*** away yet another time. I think it's the human condition.


I'm so glad the fiber won! It's going to be spectacular spinning! (I didn't follow the manifesto, either and predrafted the superwash merino);-)


If it makes you feel any better, I stress in much the same way when we are entertaining. What I wish my house was like and what it is are 2 different things. I imagine a lot of us feel this way.

Woo hoo on Gillian getting a job so soon...this is wonderful!! Yay Gillian!

Beeutiful fiber!


Who doesn't stress before parties? I just spent 2 weeks doing 6 years of housework to put my house on the market. I thought that I should be allowed to leave it filthy. After all, I'm leaving here, right? Why do I need it clean?

All humor aside, I love my clean house and I'm even putting the knitting down in favor of picking up a sponge (just once in awhile...let's not get carried away.)

I hope it was a wonderful day.

Congrats to the daughter, with the job and move. Are you coming through North Haven again soon?


Happy to help. ;)


Congratulations on your graduate! As I said at S&W, I feel your pain. I get to host mine in two days. ohno...I just realized I only have two days to clean!

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