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Evil Stacey

How beautiful and wonderful. I cannot do nupps, so I had written of this shawl. However, after reading your comment at Nora's, I think I may try beading it instead.

Thank you for sharing. :D


Love the beads! Gorgeous shawl, all around!


I love it!

I'm working on a version of Swallowtail right now and you've got me thinking beads. I love me some nupps, but having a dressier one might be nice.

Well done!


Tomorrow will bring a sweater, I'm sure.


It's beautiful!! I have to make one of these, it has been in my queue (and in my head before that) since it came out. I was at a Knitting Retreat in early July and someone there had made it in Noro Sock yarn so I bought a skein while I was there to make one. I think I will also have to look into beading one, too.

Cheryl S.

It's wonderful! The beads are really pretty in it. And you did it so fast, even with the tinking!


I love this too!

sara l

Holy crap ! you are quick lady!
it's gorgeous!


Stunning in speed and beauty! It is an amazing piece of knitted FO. And I am NOT exaggerating one bit.


It's gorgeous -- you do beautiful work, T!


Beautiful. Lovely picture as well.


Laurie took the words right out of my mouth. Love the top photo especially and *adore* the shawl! Yet another one of your marvels! Marina will love it! Thank you my friend.


Oh so pretty! Sad to have to tink beads but the end effect is so, so lovely!


You knit the second shawl in record time!! It's stunning (and so are you!)!


FOUR DAYS??? With tinking? Holy speedknitter, Batman. I'm in awe.

And did I mention it's gorgeous??


Terry, it is beautiful!! The beads are a nice touch. I really enjoyed the 2 that I knit, but did not want to fiddle with nupps again, but seeing it with the beads makes me think I could do another one.

I am totally impressed that you did this in 4 days!!


FOUR?! F O U R DAYS?!!!!

[bad words] It took me a month to knit Swallowtail and I thought that was pretty fast. That does it, you really don't sleep, do you?

Four. Geez...


Oh, and it's beautiful, you know. Go on a lace binge; I'd love to see what you could knit by Monday.


It is beautiful! I'll have to remember your version...especially with the beads.


Stunning! Who was the lucky recipient????? (What a forward question. Sorry. Never mind.) :)

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