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I hate people too. Except you. (And yes, this is exactly what I told Norma today, too)


Please....you want to REALLY hate people, go to a show in New York City. Yuck. They don't know how to behave in a theater/stadium and sure don't know how to walk on a sidewalk! I just don't go to movies anymore, and hesitate to spend the money on a show or even opera ticket. Chewing gum, rustling paper bags, cell phones, gabbing through the overture, arriving late and disrupting an entire section, etc, etc. I'm with you guys on the people hating issue. We ought to start a Ravelry group...although there are a few people there I'm not too fond of at the moment! And the making out thing: try explaining to your pre-teenaged son why the two WOMEN in front of him spent the whole concert pawing each other. GET A ROOM!


Seriously, IS THERE a Ravelry group for us? That's one I'd JOIN!!!! I might even log in once in a while. Or maybe not. Because I'd hate everybody there. :D


I SO agree. And you should see what it is like to commute home through the parking that is allowed on the road next to the Hatch Shell. Blocks an entire lane during part of rush hour.


People are, in general, so overrated.


I had a lovely night at home. :-)


Try living in the Berkshires...its rudeness all summer long. We go to Tanglewood often and deal with those sort of people every single time. I even had people ask me to move in one direction or the other...amazing


Agree, agree, agree! I cannot STAND that kind of behavior. When we went to Shakespeare on the Common, I wanted to tell people "just because it's free doesn't mean that you get to talk through the whole performance."


Yuck! HBO screens movies on the National Mall and my boyfriend and I used to go to them until we realized that they were more cruising places than picnic/movie places. So, so sad.


We really do hate people for a reason, ya know.


We saw almost none of that behavior on the Common. Interesting.

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