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Good for the husband! Although, I don't know, those answers sounded awfully skewed toward "I helped you, now would you please knit me more socks" ... not that he doesn't deserve them, I'm sure!


That Pete....he's a pretty darn good catch :)


Oh FABULOUS. He is a keeper for this reason, also. He reads you!


I just followed the links, and Mr. E gets interviewed at the first opportunity. Do they get to know at the start that it is an interview?


He knows on which side his bread is butter. So when will he get his sock reward?


Great job, Pete. I'm going to do this one, too. Can't wait to see if Dale fits the mold.


Pete is my hero. I don't think I'd get past the first question with my DH - who appears to collect bikes as a hobby, but he still thinks that any money I spend on yarn is squandered.


Gasp! You were knitting at a manly hockey game?? haha He did good!


Sounds like the answers my hubby would give, although he's got different hobbies: woodworking, book collecting, clock collecting, wine collecting (and drinking), so he'd also win. Compare the price of a spinning wheel to the price of a power tool or case of wine. Yeah. And he knows what a swatch is, too! And wants more socks!


Good man.


i don't want to give this to joe because of the house cleaning questions. let's let sleeping dogs (and their fur) lie.

but honestly, like terry i'd just find something else to do.


Oh, I really need to interview Thom now :)


To cute. I guess I missed this on Karen's blog. But it will be a fun project.


He's a keeper.


Wow! I'm suitably impressed he knows my blog name. I am not 100% sure my husband does and he lives here. Wow again!


Pete, nicely done.


Excellent! I may have to do this one. Also, happy birthday, Erin! Also, lovely sweater. (This is called speed commenting.)


Aww! I love it.

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