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A good toddler boy sweater: The Wonderful Wallaby. The knitting is quicker than what you'd think for a hooded sweater. It is perfect for fall, assuming you want it for then. I've made a few sizes and have been happy with every one.


EZ says that if you make the BSJ in worsted weight, it should fit a toddler. I did the Tomten jacket for one of the grandkids and that was a fun knit. I know what you mean about the City...I'll wait till the tourists are gone and the kids are back in school before I venture back down!


Yeah, not my demographic either. Except for the boy swimmers, maybe.


I made the BSJ in a light worsted and it looked small enough for a one year old and it was cute. You can ask Cara to try it on Meli and see how it looks. How wonderful to see you all together!! I'm a little envious, but it's so nice to see your faces. If you make it all the way through the year and blog every day. I'll give you a metal! And what IS with the synchronized diving?


I was wondering that about the men's beach volleyball myself - why are the women practically naked, and the guys have required jerseys that get wet from rain and cause faults at the net? Have they not seen Top Gun?

I think at least the American men's synchro team competes individually (against each other), not sure about the women. Maybe execution is sacrificed a little to match the pair's movements? I'm a wee bit confused myself - I much prefer the individual.


I made the Baby Surprise Sweater" just for fun. i.e., to fit no particular child using Berroco alpaca and a size 7 needle. I enjoyed making it, the yarn feels wonderful, and with my size knitting, I expect it would fit maybe a two year old. My gauge was not tight at all, so you might go to a size 6 needle and fit a one year old. It is not a long knit, anyway, nice, fairly quick project. Good luck.


I have never been to NYC and hearing about "the people"...I may just be ok with that..

I LOVE the picture of you with Cara, Meli and Vicki~


I think some of the synchro divers were actually gold medal winners in individual diving. Perhaps they changed because they were getting "old" ... ? I dunno.



Sorry about my kid. She's just very attached to her mama. :-)


Two other sweater options are the baby Albert (child version of the Einstein jacket) and Daisy, which is on Knitty.

I agree men's beach volleyball should be shirtless, but I think the competitors have to have a number on a 'jersey'. As for the synchro diving, I think the required synchronization adds a level of complexity, so they down the level of complexity of the dives. I also think some of the sports that may be going away (softball and baseball?) are more sporting than synchronized diving. But, I may not be the target demographic either.


I think the synchronized diving is amazing! Sure, the dives aren't as complicated, but man, how do they stay synchronized like that??? I mean, it's not like they can see each other while they're doing it. I think it's magical.


Catching my breath!! (Who was the idiot who booked a LATE flight on Tuesday and didn't take an EXTRA day before heading back to work???)

It was so great to see you, and to meet your whole entire family!!

I have no idea what the city is "supposed" to be like on any given day -- maybe it's best that way. We had fun.

I'm late, but... If you're not sure about the BSJ (it's all about determining the gauge), I would second the motion for the Wonderful Wallaby or the Baby A. I've made all three and they're all TERRIFIC. I keep meaning to make another Baby A.

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