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Woo hoo! 100 is auspicious, right?


You can totally do this! Look how far you've come already.

Btw, you could always do this post every ten days and just change the numbers. Just trying to help. ;^)


100 more times you can make us laugh or inspire us or remind us how much we love knitting or show us beautiful pictures or...


Two hundred sixty five down (well 266 this year), you can completely and totally make that. So 100 divided by 7 is not quite 15 weeks. So, you have 15 Tuesday lists, and 15 You Tube saturdays, that gets down to 70 days more in depth posts. I am guessing a meme will come by that will be fun and interesting, and you will have some kid related stuff to post (concert reviews, for example) and are you going to Rhinebeck? Piece of cake to knock out rest of the year. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas should give a bit of help as well. :)


I really hope you continue blogging regularly after this. I love reading you.


Ditto to what Laurie said. I'm hoping you do this daily gig for some time!!


I can understand that you might want to take a break from the daily blogging but I hope you won't go all radio silence on us in 100 days.


Sing along now: People...people who love people...are the luckiest people, in the world.

Aside from knitters, that is, since we have this community of completely crazed fools who persist in trying to tie string in enough knots to cover the essential body parts, while simultaneously being nice to each other. Exceptionally nice. You, for example, and Norma and a few others give me something to laugh about every day while I drink my morning tea. I appreciate that enormously.


Ha ha! I read that last part as "give me a little pig". I don't know why that's so funny to me but everytime I say it in my head I laugh again.


I look forward to your daily blogs. :D


Please don't leave me!! You were my first friend in blogland and if you go I just might, too. You made it through 260+, you can easily do the next 100 and post once in awhile after that.


Another 100 will be nothing and think how easy it will be next year when you don't feel the pressure of every single day. If you're running out of ideas for posts just ask the commenters. I'm sure we could come up with some questions for you.


Hurry up and finish that color-shielded sweater so that I can see it on you and decide whether or not to make it.

the blog, so hungry.


Only 100 left to go???

Lisa McGuire

How else can I live the life of "the witty and talented" if it were not for your blogs? When I grow up, I want to be just like you :),but until then I'll just live through your blogs. :) You've already completed almost 300 days, another 100 will be easy, one daily blog at a time.


I have really enjoyed it. I don't say much but I would hope that you would continue after the 100 days. You can do this! Just tell us it's raining out somedays, whatever! Be well!


I, too, have been slacking on the reading and commenting duties. I love the blogging and it's coming very naturally to me. But with getting so out-straight with work that I love, too, I just don't have the same amount of time to reciprocate in the reading and commenting as I used to. Something had to give, I guess.

Anyway, I hope you keep it up! It's been a good ride.


DeLurking to cheer you on and tell you how much I enjoy those video posts.


Yikes, 100 days to finish some holiday items. I got to knock a few off the list today as we had a little knitting class/craft lunch and they were discussing that they were tired of scarfs. That took one friend off the list for the holiday and her birthday. She loves candles so that is what she will get.

Keep it up, you can make the 100 more days. I would miss your blog if it wasn't here to read.


I won't say I have read your blog everyday this year, but I have read the vast majority. This is probably silly and selfish, but one of the things I appreciate about you is that you did NOT skip my birthday this year. You see, I am strange, I have a leap day birthday, and you may have only posted the number, you didn't ignore my birthday. Thank you.


100 to go? Is that all? Now that I've fed this beast, I sort of go into withdrawal and think "How did I ever go to sleep at night without posting?" OK - this KAL may have pushed us all over the edge. But it's sure been a fun ride. I've really enjoyed getting to know you more this year. Happy blogging. You can do it!


you're practically there! i almost quit yesterday. and then i didn't.

Down Comforter

yeah i like the idea that if you're running out of ideas for posts just ask the commenters.
aint it a good idea itself

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