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Wow! I love that color on you! And a non-blue sweater to boot! I wasn't expecting that. I just scored 12 balls from Ruth that she was destashing in " Boheme"- yes, it' blue :-) I'd hire Cheryl in a heartbeat to photograph my FO's.


Wow...those are GREAT photos! Cheryl did good!

I really, really love that sweater...and of course I love it even more because it is my favorite color!


It's beautiful! I never would have guessed that color!


Hmm ... I can't get the link to see More Photos on Ravelry ...


You really *do* look like a knitwear model!!

Lisa McGuire

The sweater looks amazing! And the photos, gosh, are very professional! As Kathy said, "You really *do* look like a knitwear model!!!" I love the color, green is my all time fave. The Beanshoot color looks better on you then it does on the sample page. There is life and vibrance that is missing from the web site. Fabulous choice. I will add...that there is a BIG truck. :)


You are right about Cheryl's photographic talents. And you DO look that good in person, as does the sweater. Perfect unveiling.


cheryl did do an awesome job, but you are also quite adorable to begin with. so she had a great model.

this sweater looked great. i should have guessed green.


Very, very, nice. You and the sweater look great. And it is green! What's not to love?


It's not blue. I am shocked. It's a beautiful sweater and it looks fabulous on you.


Sweetie, you look even better in person. The sweater is fab and you chose the right photographer!


Beautiful! Sweater, yarn, photography, and you! Green compliments you nicely.


Those photos are stunning! Everyone should hire Cheryl! I got to see the sweater in person, so I know the photos do it justice. Again, fun to take a class with you....here's hoping they get some good ones next year, too!


Cheryl did a fabulous job of showing off just how wonderful your sweater is. It did look better in person and it looks gorgeous, glamorous and chic in the pictures!


Oooo I was right on the color! I think that sweater is GORGEOUS and pales in comparison to you, which seems to have come through in the shots. I am so impressed with that sweater now I will favorite it all over ravelry :-)


It looks wonderful! I think we should have a set day each month where we all gather with our FO's and have Cheryl do a day-long photoshoot for all of us. If we all pitch in we could pay her handsomely.


Wait a minute, grrlfriend! I already asked Cheryl to be my personal photographer months ago. Get to the back of the line.
I LOVE the sweater!


wow! You look great, the sweater looks great. I want one.


Ooohhhh, pretty! Wow - what a great sweater, and it looks fabulous on you!

If you can run 7 miles, you are almost ready for a half marathon - the longest training run is 10 miles. Whoohoo!!


I want Cheryl as MY photographer too! *I* will pay! Heh.

You look so GREAT in that thing. And it looks way better than the photograph in the pattern. Fab!


Great shots! and the sweater is just gorgeous!

Cheryl S.

I love it! And the photos. Great sweater, and great color on you. But I think you have a few too many words in your post title. It should be edited to read:

From This Day and Forward,
All Finished Sweaters Will Be Taken By Cheryl.

You might have to start making them just a wee bit bigger, though.


Oh, you do too look that good in real life. And Cheryl really is a good photographer. And you had me completely fooled with that color. What's next - purple?


What a beautiful sweater! You look great - and it was great to see you if only for a second or two this past weekend. :o)


Just beautiful! You and the sweater.


I'm ready to hire Cheryl on a full time basis! You and the sweater look great!!


THAT is some sweater! You did a beautiful job. While I appreciate the great photography, I appreciate the knitting more. Brava!


Yep, she surely did a really nice job with the pictures. But since I saw you this weekend and know how good you looked, you made it easy for the camera.

Sounds like a wonderful run, except for the dog. I am so scared of big barking chasing dogs. I carry pepper spray with me just in case. I miss running so much!


What great shots! That sweater is gorgeous. It was great meeting you this weekend!


The sweater is beautiful. I wish I had run into you at Rhinebeck to see it in person.


Your sweater is stunning! And you totally look that good in person. Guess now you know that we do read the fine print :)


Wow, look at all these people saying such nice things about my photography! You looked great in that sweater, that's why all the pics look so good! A photographer is only as good as her subject. Is that a saying or did I just make that up?


Nice work, Terry! It looks great on you. And yes, Cheryl is genius behind a camera.


I love that sweater on you. Indeed, the pictures are GREAT (you really do like like that).


Gorgeous photographs - and you're better in real life my friend! The sweater rocks and so do you!

Down Comforter

GREAT photos!

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