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I love the mug. It has "I want to be filled w/hot tea" written all over it. And the fiber is beautiful! What will you do with it?


Oh, very nice. You did well!

Lisa McGuire

Your Rhinebeck trip looks mighty productive. :) I love the mug! And though I'm not interested in spinning, (I NEED to get this 'knitting' thing figured out) I do like the colors of the roving and appreciate the endless possibilities...the magic...the roving offers.


YUM. And your fleece was lush.


That's a great sheepy name!


I saw the mugs just before leaving and I'm so sorry I didn't buy one. I love the spindle on it! Knowing the name of the sheep will only make spinning a yarn more fun and what a great name!


Wonderful purchases.


Beautiful fibers! Wasn't Topanga the name of the girl on the show, The Wonder YEars? I loved that show. I can't wait to see your Topanga!


Very nice purchases! Lucky you to get Barb to part with a such gorgeous fleece!


That mug is one of the few things I bought this year too! It makes me think of Rhinebeck every morning, a lovely way to start the day. Cheers!


Lovely new purchases. Are you going to process the fleece yourself or do you send it out?


Mmmm, truffle buds... chicken pot pies... artichokes french... Honestly, I think I missed the food second to the people, fiber third...


Barb Parry is the only reason I'm even considering schlepping up to Deerfield tomorrow! You got good stuff!


How funny! My first purchase was from Jenny as well -- the perfect bottons for my drops jacket. Sorry I missed you!


The thought of you with raw fleece still sort of takes me aback. Wash away!


It was Boy Meets World. Don't ask how I know that.

I wanna see your fleece! And I do not need a life. I need a mug.


Wonderful booty! The mug may be a gift under my tree left by Santa. Thanks.


Ooooh, the mug! The mug! I adore it.


Love the mug - and the cormo/silk! Oh I wish I had hit Foxfire earlier... *sigh*

It was great to see you this past weekend!


Nice fibers! I'm going to a Barbara Parry class at Webs in a couple of weeks. Can't wait.
It was great meeting you last weekend, Terry.

Down Comforter

Love the mug -

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