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Very pretty! And, I lugged my Nikon around all day but didn't take very many pictures at all. If I had realized how FEW I was going to take, I would have just brought my little Canon Elph--it's a lot lighter!

Sorry we didn't run into each other ... or, at least, I don't THINK we did? So much was a blur!


You're such a tease!

Lisa McGuire

Those are SO very pretty! And pink!?! Who know? I didn't reallize that there are SO many different and beautiful whorl top drop spindles...this has been quite "The Education of Lisa". When the craft room is "done", I might need one or two as decoration. They also look like they could be good weapons, "Leave me to my knitting, stop your fighting or you'll be spindlized!" Yes, I think it works. ")


Did those pink spindles go home with you? I took maybe one picture. Sad!


I have it on good authority - ahem - that the top one was already sold.


I did NOT see you at Rhinebeck. I did see Cheryl and Kathy.

And I'm so exhausted, even Monday morning after a good night's sleep, that Kathy became Kaggy under my fingers' tired efforts.


OK I'll wait to see the sweater...


I'll get the pics over to you today. Some of them are GREAT! If I do say so myself.


Except for class, where I got one picture of you, Laurie and Margene, the only blogger I got all weekend was Kim. What is the matter with us?! All day Saturday with Other Marcia and Karen....not ONE picture. I didn't even get the lady with the purple hair. Sheesh. Loved the GREEN sweater! By the time I found Golding on Sunday, there wasn't a single one of those ringed spindles I liked enough to buy. So I bought another Robin wheel and an alpaca fleece. See you next weekend?


Pretty in Pink!


Sad, isn't it? I had my big camera and the only time it came out of the bag was for the group shot on Sunday...

Beautiful spindle!!

Down Comforter

all amazing.

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