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Lisa McGuire

I greatly appreciate the many, many, MANY sacrifices you make for those who read your blog, if it weren't for you and your blog, there may indeed be more people sleeping. :)
I hope your mom recovers well, and gets good sleep, now...go take a nap, your blog will wait for you.


;) Hope you're still sleeping. I wonder if we'll do that stuff to our girls when we're older?



You must have a good therapist. So, you were able to help your mom. Hope that means you're feeling better and the exercise is helping.
I've been up at 3:45am the last two nights and last night made it through to 5:00am!


Your mother and my father have the same assumptions about the medical community. Because of this I spent 9 weeks riding back and forth on the subway this summer while he was in the hospital and next week when he has surgery he wants to leave at 5AM for his 6:30 arrival time. Did I mention we are only 10 miles from Boston.
Anyway, I hope your mother is fine and you won't have to make that trip again any time soon.


Please join me in gym-rat-dom so that I don't feel so alone.


Hope you had a blissful night's sleep.


i've actually been thinking a lot about joining a gym


Suddenly, I am so thankful that my mother gave up on early morning type stuff after she retired.

I hope she's doing well and that you don't have to take her back to Boston for the recheck.


Exercise is so good for you in so many ways. Sleeping patterns, mental patterns, emotional well being, and extra energy. Keep it up, because you are worth keeping around.


Will you ask your exercise mojo if it's seen mine? Mine's been MIA for a loooong time now. Why is it so easy to fall out of the exercise routine and so hard to get back into it?


This is such wonderful snark. MORE.

Down Comforter


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