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The shrug is beautiful. Many years of happiness to the bride and groom.


The shrug was so beautiful and exactly what was needed! Bethany looked lovely in it!

Lisa McGuire

I'm not sure which is more beautiful...the bride or the shrug? Maybe they bring the very best out of each other. Yes, that's it. They complement each other beautifully! Like Bailey's and ice; like peanut butter and raspberry jelly; like tuna and pita bread, Mmmm, the list goes on, but what about the groom? Yea, he's cute, too. Congrats to Bethany and her new husband, May God Bless them and Keep them forever. :)


Terry...........it's perfect!! As pretty as it was on your needles, it so much prettier on the bride. Well done!!


That's such a beautiful gift. And a gorgeous and happy bride! I love the picot edge -- just lovely!!


What a beautiful bride, and the shrug is just the right touch- perfect!


Looks great!


Lovely! Made even better by your cleverness!


A lovely complement to a lovely bride.

And you know perfectly well you could knit a sweater in the remaining days of November. Stockpile a baby sweater, if nothing else.


The shrug is beautiful and so is the bride.


She is a beautiful bride and the shrug must have felt heavenly on her bare shoulders. You are a master knitter.


The shrug is stunning and so is the bride.


Georgeous! Both of you!


Beautiful shrug, and the pictures of them together are enough to make tears.


I loved those pictures on Ravelry....great job, on both!


Wow. Your ability to modify it to both the bride's needs and your style astound!


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